Mohammad Anwar
Senior Perl Developer at Oleeo Ltd
London, United Kingdom

Astute, confident IT professional attuned to the changing needs of business. Results oriented professional with over 22 years of successful and progressive experience in every stage of Software Development Life Cycle with special ability to identify and modify areas in need of improvements. Self motivated and always ready to learn new things, proven leadership abilities in working as a team, handling multiple tasks. Spent most of the time coding OO Perl/mod-perl/Moo/Moose/Mouse/ORM/CRM. Worked with MySQL/Oracle/PostgreSQL/Informix/SQL Server databases. I have been part of the CPAN Authors Group since Nov’2010 and contributed around 78 modules to CPAN. I have been playing with Dancer2 lately along with DBIx::Class.

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Oleeo Ltd
May 2021 - Present (2 years 11 months)
London, United Kingdom Current workspace
Currently Mohammad Anwar supports the Oleeo Ltd

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Senior Perl Developer
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The Weekly Challenge
Mar 2019 - Present
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perl Raku bootstrap go
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Ranchi University
Bachelor of Science, Mathematics
Jan 2003 - Dec 2005

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