Marcelo Leite
Porto Alegre, Brazil

Working on IT area since 2003. Currently working as technical anchor on an international project. Apart from software developing, I keep looking for software architecture, code writing and managing best practices. I have already worked as requirement analyst, client support and infrastructure maintenance also. I believe that to search and spread knowledge is the key to happiness. Through studies we meet new people, evolve as person and find solutions for the problems we have. If it does not help you to find an answer, then use it to create one and share it with others! Recruiters: I appreciate that you have spent some time reading my profile! If you have an offer, please add the word "capybara" on your message so I can be aware that it is not an automatic recruiting spam. Currently working technologies: Java, Spring, React, Typescript, Docker, Bash, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Jenkins, Git, REST, Postgres and Mongo. Other known technologies: Kubernetes, Shell, C, C++, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Travis, Kafka, Oracle and MySQL. Technologies I am interested in: GoLang, Angular and other non-relational databases like Redis, Cassandra e Neo4j.

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Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul
Bachelor, Computer Engineering
Jan 2003 - Dec 2009
Master Microservices with Java, Spring, Docker, Kubernetes
Sep 2022
Build Reactive MicroServices using Spring WebFlux/SpringBoot
Jul 2022
Reactive Programming in Modern Java using Project Reactor
Jun 2022

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