Mark Omarov
Technical Lead at Asurion
Tokyo, Japan

A few things about me: 👨‍💻 I do independent consulting, contribute to open-source 👨‍🔧 Featured open-source contributions: pnpm, defaang, uapi-json 📚 Trying out new technologies regularly 🤷‍♂️ Besides software engineering, I'm interested in cyber-security and computer networks ✍️ Have a few published articles

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Tokyo, Japan Current workspace
Currently Mark Omarov supports the Asurion

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Technical Lead
Jul 2022 - Present (1 year 10 months)
Senior Software Engineer
Nov 2021 - Jul 2022 (8 months)
Sep 2021 - Jan 2023 (1 year 4 months)
Technical Interviewer
My responsibilities were identifying the most qualified applicants via interviewing and providing feedback to the applicant and the hiring team.
Nov 2018 - Nov 2021 (3 years)
Senior Software Engineer
As a team member, my role was to provide all-around software engineering services to Travelport for the Travel Cloud Pro system, which is designed to automate air segment booking, exchange, refund, and more for travel agencies and agents. Every licensed travel agency in the EU now uses the solution.
It's impossible to list everything I've done in this role, but highlighted contributions are:

- Developing and implementing new complex features, while also modifying, refactoring, and completely rewriting existing ones to meet the evolving needs of the project.
- Quickly identifying and resolving a significant number of bugs, while also participating in implementing an automated error monitoring and reporting system.
- Redesigning the architecture of key services and revamping the web interface of the entire application to improve usability, look, and performance.
- Leveraging a wide range of AWS services such as S3, DDB, CloudWatch, and Lambda to ensure scalability and reliability in a serverless system.
- Participating in the entire development lifecycle, from small components with React to large-scale ticket exchange services, and providing DevOps support to ensure smooth deployment and maintenance.
- Conducting thorough testing, including unit tests, integration tests, and visual tests. I also played a key role in building an internal application-specific testing library to simplify writing new tests.
- Achieving significant performance improvements by moving to functional components, using hooks and getting rid of unnecessary updates, and ineffective usage of localstorage/indexeddb/websql, with a continuous focus on optimization.
- Implementing security patches related to tokens to keep the system secure.
- Making open-source contributions to the Travelport projects, one of which is uapi-json.

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Contribution Mate
Dec 2022 - Present
This open-source project is focused on providing a solution for developers who want to synchronize their contributions from non-GitHub repositories to their GitHub profile without revealing the source code or commit messages. The goal is to give developers the ability to showcase their work without compromising the privacy and security of their projects.
Personal Website
Jan 2023 - Present
Straightforward personal website built to try Qwik.
TS JS Qwik
Feb 2018 - Apr 2018
A landing page for a customer's company in the USA.
JS html css Puppeteer
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Donetsk Industrial and Pedagogical Collage
Welding Technology/Welder
Jan 2012 - Jan 2014

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