Mark Lawrence
Los Angeles, United States

I’m a full stack developer with over 20 years of experience. Originally from New Zealand, I now live in Southern California, in the United States. • More than 15 years in team and technical leadership roles • 18 years of web front end and API and web services development experience • 20+ years of experience with C# and the .net framework I'm currently engaged on a project using Blazor WASM, Microsoft's web framework for building SPA applications, and .Net 6 for back end microservices.

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Eyede Solutions
Jan 2013 - Jan 2022 (9 years)
Development Lead/Software Architect
Team lead, architect and software engineer.

I'm a full stack software developer and architect responsible for leading in-house software development team at Eyede, working predominantly with Microsoft technologies on complex web based applications.

Currently working as architect and principal developer on a next generation web application using Microsoft's Blazor Web Assembly application framework, running on .Net 6. This project is a replacement for a legacy Asp.Net MVC monolith application. The architecture I'm implementing for this project is based on a microservices back end, with the Blazor WASM application framework being used to build a SPA web client. I have designed and implemented the UI using Github's Primer CSS framework, and the back end services leverage CQRS and Event Sourcing patterns, and are hosted on Azure, using Azure Kubernetes Service and Azure App Services.

One element of this project that is already in production is a "trip processing" component, which has resulted in throughput increases of 600% compared to the legacy product.

I oversaw and collaborated with the other senior developers in building a next generation multi tier web application architecture using Angular, TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML 5 and CSS 3, backed with WebAPI components using ASP.Net Core, Entity Framework Core and SQL Server.

I configured and managed Eyede's internal TFS server deployment. I also developed the team's DevOps processes and procedures, using TFS, Team Build and Octopus Deploy.

I migrated Eyede's internal TFS based DevOps tooling to Visual Studio Online (now Azure DevOps), with Git for version control, and leveraging Azure DevOps pipelines for build and deployment.
c# .net core blazor wasm HTML JavaScript NodeJS TypeScript .net core core webapi entity framework .net mvc azure devops sql server visual studio c# azure blazor wasm css git docker docker compose kubernetes mssql ms sql unit testing dotnet
Jul 2007 - Jan 2013 (5 years 6 months)
Wellington, New Zealand
Solutions Architect
.Net Solutions Architect

I was a senior member of Optimation's C# development team.

I built Optimation’s reusable .net software architecture and reference implementation, using ASP.Net MVC in C#, along with SQL Server Entity Framework for data persistence, utilising Domain Driven Design and Command Query Responsibility Segregation principles, with front end web pages built using ASP.Net MVC, HTML5, Javascript with jQuery and CSS3 with Bootstrap.

I served as technical lead and architect on .net projects for Optimation, all built on the archetype "reference architecture" using the technologies listed above.

I configured, administered and managed Optimation’s Team Foundation Server environment, including process customization and end user training.

Developed solutions, and effort estimates in pre-sales and contract negotiation situations.

Performed technical architecture and delivery reviews for a number of customers.
.net Bootstrap C# CSS JavaScript html bootstrap jquery
EDS (NZ) Ltd
11 years 9 months
Wellington, New Zealand
Applications Architect
Apr 1998 - Jun 2007 (9 years 2 months)
Architect, senior developer and project team lead.

I worked as Application Architect for an account with a major New Zealand government client. I was responsible for overall application design on a range of large scale applications for this client, covering technologies ranging from VB6 through to .net 3.0, in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) environment.

I contributed to numerous pre-sales efforts, in New Zealand and throughout the Asia Pacific region.

I worked with other members of the architecture team, as well as with customer representatives, in defining and evolving an Enterprise Application Architecture for a major New Zealand government client.

I served as EDS New Zealand's Team Foundation Server expert. My responsibilities ranged from general TFS administration through to customization of tools and processes, as well as user support.

I composed EDS' global C# coding standards document and I also acted as a reviewer for the global VB.Net coding standards.

I was the designer and lead developer on an internal project to build a “request for service” portal, later adopted by EDS sites and customers across the Asia Pacific region.

I was the lead developer on a multi-year document imaging and data capture project for another major New Zealand government department.

I aided in establishing a graduate recruitment program for EDS' .net practice, through conducting interviews of applicants and mentoring successful candidates.
.net C# entity framework mvc webapi sql server mssql visual studio winforms c#
Jul 1994 - Feb 1997 (2 years 7 months)
I joined EDS as a graduate mainframe programmer.

After completing an in-house training programme, I worked as part of the team supporting one of EDS’ major banking clients.

I was responsible for developing enhancements and new functionality using CICS COBOL and Assembler language
COBOL System 390 assembly

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My GitHub profile
Jan 2015 - Present
My GitHub repositories include a few things I've started looking at in my personal time including the source code for my personal website, as well as a project that I've worked on recently that supports token based authentication between an API built using ASP.Net MVC 6 (beta 1 release) on .Net Core, and a web client build using HTML5, CSS3 with Bootstrap, and Javascript with AngularJS.
Personal Website
Jan 2015 - Present
My personal website was built using Jekyll using a free template called PortfolYOU, which I've customised a little to suit.
Jekyll Github Pages
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Victoria University of Wellington
Bachelor’s Degree, Geography and Computer Science
Jan 1989 - Jan 1993
Newlands College
High School
Jan 1984 - Jan 1988

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