Maxim King
London, United Kingdom

Software Developer, specialising on NodeJS and Nuxtjs developments.

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May 2022 - Jun 2022 (1 month)
Software Developer
• Leading development for the Remote Desktop module (RDP) for the client & server-side systems built using ExpressJS and
• Built the Remote Desktop module into the Nuxtjs frontend, using the module to communicate with the server and client devices.
• Built compression and security features into the serverside and client modules.
nodeJS nuxt.js Nuxt ExpressJS mongodb VueJS
Feb 2022 - Jun 2022 (4 months)
Backend Developer
Project Development Lead
Discord.js nodeJS mongoose Canvas
Nov 2021 - Jun 2022 (7 months)
• Built Protects modular protection system for easy deployment of protection modules.
• Leading development on Protects machine learning module.
• Manage infrastructure and server deployments using Docker and PM2.
• By using my custom detection system, we decreased our false detections by 23% in April 2022.

Protect AI detects and prevents the spreading of malicious links inside of Discord, a popular communication system. Protect has a mission to tackle the increasing issue of malicious sites that aim to compromise users’ security.

Currently, Protect is defending large communities such as Air Force Gaming, The United Service Organisations, and multiple US Charity servers and preventing threats from ever getting to there members.
nodeJS discord.js mongodb ExpressJS typescript nuxt.js axios mongoose mongodb
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Air Force Gaming Protection Bot
Sep 2021 - Jan 2022
Collaborated with Air Force Gaming, Space Force Gaming and the United Service Organisation (USO) communities and developed an Automated Cyber Defence bot, which is responsible for the safety and security of 250,000+ users. Plus, triggers relayed to 20+ servers, to include Far East/US/NATO partners.

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