Mahesh MS
Shenzhen, China

Web developer with 5 years of experience in back-end development, testing and CI/CD. Proficient with Python, Django, JavaScript, NodeJS, Express, React with Redux. ● Developed web applications for project management and digital asset sharing using Python, Django, Postgres and Redis ● Test based development: unit test and end-to-end test with Python and ● Experience with CI/CD workflow with CircleCI and Github ● Solid understanding of Front-end technologies like React and Redux

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Design Machine UK
Jun 2020 - Feb 2022 (1 year 8 months)
Web Developer - remote
- Develop back-end with JavaScript and NodeJS for ecommerce website.
- Create front-end functionality using React and Redux.
Django python celery Redux ReactJS javascript
Tianhuo CG
Dec 2017 - Dec 2019 (2 years)
Chengdu, China
Developer - Web Application and Desktop Application
- Web application for project management using JavaScript, Python, React,
- Web application for share digital asset between multiple offices using JavaScript,
Python and Django.
- Desktop application for create and manage project for local network using
Python, C++ and Qt.
Django python javascript Python ReactJS c++ qt
Ants Animation Studios - 昂驰动画
Sep 2015 - Sep 2017 (2 years)
Shenzhen, China
Developer - Web Application and Desktop Application
- Web application for project management using JavaScript.
- Extend functionality of DCC Application using Python and C++.
- Desktop application for local project management and utilities tasks using
Python, C++ and Qt.
Python javascript c++ qt

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Media Review PWA
Open Source
Media-Review PWA is a platform for review media by team collaboration in cloud, integrates reviewers, creators, content and tools needs to be more engaged and effective review process.
python Django javascript ReactJS Redux
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None, Science
Jun 2005 - Mar 2007
Higher Secondary (Class 12) - Science Group

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