Milad Abooali
Founder at
Shiraz, Iran

I focused on programming as a Full Stack Developer. Programming is nothing more than solving problems. Eventually for more information about me and my roadmap, please visit my website:

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Dec 2012 - Present (8 years 7 months)
Shiraz, Iran Current workspace
Currently Milad Abooali supports the

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Small business aimed to serve web requirements in Iran.

◾️ Virtualization (ESXi) management, more than 1000 VMs
◾️ Web hosting manager (LAMP, LEMP, IIS, CloudLinux, cPanel, DA, ...)
◾️ Web programming (PHP, Perl, Python, Shell Scripting, Js)
Self Employed
Jan 2006 - Jan 2012 (6 years)
Shiraz, Iran
◾️ Computer Networking
◾️ Programming
◾️ Web Design
◾️ Work on Open Source Projects

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