Melvin Jones Gallano Repol
Caloocan City, Philippines

A Freelance software engineer and full stack web developer, passionate about creating innovative and impactful web applications that make the world a better place to live. I have been self-taught since 2018 and have developed multiple skills, including DevOps, communication, database management, SEO, data analytics, Arduino, and PWA.

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Jun 2021 - Dec 2023 (2 years 6 months)
Software & Web Developer
I create efficient and reliable software & websites that meet customer needs based on their system analysis and design & business model.

- developing and maintaining software/web applications using languages and tools specified in system analysis.
- transform design into high quality applications
- building reusable, stable & maintenance free components
- troubleshooting bug, issues and threats.
- completing the task on time
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Webvium Browser
Oct 2018 - Present
A Project that aims to bring full desktop chromium features to Android Device's in very low app size, modern material design user interface, secured and fast browsing experience.
java xml gradle git sqlite
Webvium VPN
Dec 2021 - Present
A Project that aims to build a VPN unlike any other focusing on lightweight download size, Faster Server, lastly Private and Secured.
java xml OpenVPN null
Orion Chatbot
Nov 2022 - Present
Meet the lightning-fast Facebook Messenger chatbot, seamlessly managing multiple accounts with access to 271 commands. With distinct privileges for admins, owners, roots, and users, it's the lightweight solution for efficient and personalized interactions.
nodeJS web scraping openai json npm git

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