Cezary Chlost
Brighton, United Kingdom
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Oct 2020 - Jan 2021 (3 months)
Automation Specialist
Alteryx python selenium sap
Jan 2017 - Sep 2020 (3 years 8 months)
Cracow, Małopolskie
Senior Business Process Automation Developer
RPA solution development, design and testing.
RPA implementation.
Support for existing automations.
VBA solutions design and development for SAP, Web applications, Microsoft Office, Sharepoint, Jira, Remedy, ServiceNow.
RPA VBA excel
HEINEKEN Global Shared Services
3 years 9 months
Cracow, Małopolskie
CPI Analyst
Nov 2015 - Dec 2016 (1 year 1 month)
OTC process improvements.
OTC process standardisation.
OTC process automation (Excel/SAP/Sharepoint macros).
Excel/ VBA support.
End user support.
VBA excel automation
OTC Administrator
Feb 2013 - Oct 2015 (2 years 8 months)
Monthly OTC controls.
Process transition.
Prices and credit risk maintenance.
OTC process setup and optimisation.
KPI reporting.
Customer billing.
Credit limit management.
SAP excel
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Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Krakowie
Dec 2004 - Dec 2009
Jagiellonian University
Dec 2003 - Dec 2006

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