saad mrabet
Full Stack Engineer at SOWIT
Casablanca, Morocco

I'm a Software/Full-stack Developer starting my journey in the vast universe of programming, I just finished my bachelor degree in computer engineering this year, and I'm willing to work any time soon, I'm fluent with programming with multiple languages like JavaScript and Python, and also with some framework like Django et libraries like ReactJS & Redux, or other frontend frameworks as Angular You can check my work on , @na0495 or on my portfolio There is a big blue sky waiting just behind the clouds.

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Oct 2021 - Present (1 year 8 months)
Casablanca, Casablanca-Settat Current workspace
Currently saad mrabet supports the SOWIT

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Full Stack Engineer
- Developing and deploying front end website architecture and back end website applications from scratch, - and maintaining the ones on production with monthly releases .
- Ensuring responsiveness of applications.
- Working alongside graphic designers for web design features.
- Designing and developing APIs suited to SOWIT businesses logic to handle the ordering of different product that SOWIT provide to farmers.
- Maintaining day-by-day sprints with Scrum agile development methodology.
- Meeting both technical and consumer needs.
- Seeing through a project from conception to finished product.
- Setup CI/CD piplines to ensure the continues integration & deployment of different web apps.
- Migrate project dependencies to the latest stable version
SOWIT Full-time
Sep 2021 - Mar 2022 (6 months)
Casablanca, Morocco
Full Stack Engineer
Full-stack development, deployment & maintaining of SOWIT Applications.
Development & maintaining of the different APIs provided from the Backend, creating new APIs in need, Integrate APIs on front-end(web interface), deployment of the apps via azure & azure pipelines, maintenance of variant bugs & error.
Working with multiple technologies & tools as Angular, TypeScript, Django, Python, git, Azure, Docker, Postgres(gis), RESTful APIs and Postman.
Created plans and communicated deadlines to ensure projects were completed on time.
Maintained energy and enthusiasm in a fast-paced environment.
Carried out day-day-day duties accurately and efficiently.
Developed team communications and information for meetings.
Django azure React Docker PostgreSQL TypeScript azure PostGis Geojson celery unit testing pytest html css scss devops agile scrum javascript python
Atkana IT Solutions Full-time
Aug 2021 - Sep 2021 (1 month)
Tangier, Morocco
Full-stack Developer
Full-stack development and deployment of a Web Application :
Development of new web applications from scratch & scaling it alongside with Test-Driven development methodology, development of a responsive Front-end with UX best practices & Backend Rest API's services, as for the different technologies I'm working with are :
Front-end: Angular, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, Selenium, HTML/CSS.
Back-end: Python, Django, Django Rest Framework, Rest APIs, PostgreSQL, SQLite.
Tools: Git, GitHub, GitHub action, Nginx, Postman.
Django Angular github TypeScript unit testing agile test driven development postgresql tailwind css

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Jul 2021 - Dec 2021
At its most basic form, a portfolio website provides professional information about an individual or a company and presents a showcase of their work, this project was made with React framework, and Material-UI, Chakra-UI, Farmer motion NPM packages, as for code source here is a similar open-source project that I shared on GitHub :
ReactJS javascript github react router axios netlify
Mario with Js
Jul 2021 - Aug 2021
This project is a Mario game made with JavaScript programming language and using the Kaboom.js framework that is used to make web games like mine, you can check my work on the GitHub repo:
javascript kaboom.js html null
Crafting hub
Sep 2021 - Present
work in progress
ReactJS Django github null

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Université Abdelmalek Essaâdi
Bachelor of Science - BS, Computer Engineering
Jan 2020 - Jan 2021
Bachelor degree in computer engineering, at the faculty of science & technologies of Tangier, that belong to the Université Abdelmalek Essaâdi, in the main program, we had: C++/Java OOP programming, Database administration, Relation Databases management systems (MySQL), Networking, Operating systems as Linux/Ubuntu & bash scripting, Web development (HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP) Client-server architecture, UML, English/French Communication skills
DMG Education
A2, Germanic Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
Jan 2019 - Jan 2020
Faculty of Science and Technology Tangier
DEUST, Mathematics, Informatique and Physics (MIP)
Jan 2017 - Jan 2020
Specialized Institute Of Applied Technology Tanger Free zone (TFZ)
Degree Training , Machine Maintenance and Tooling Plastics
Jan 2015 - Jan 2017
Apr 2021
Full Stack Development Track
Mar 2021
Mar 2021

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