Victor Maslov
Moscow, Russia

Naki, why do you always try to make this world better? (c) G.Pilarski

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May 2020 - Sep 2020 (4 months)
Moscow, Russia
That was funny.
Aug 2018 - Sep 2019 (1 year 1 month)
Moscow, Russia
ruby docker selenum capybara rspec jenkins
Sep 2015 - Jun 2017 (1 year 9 months)
Moscow, Russian Federation
TL;DR: Ruby, Jenkins, Sinatra, RSpec, Selenium, git, Google Cloud Platform, Google Apps, Stackdriver.
Made the only AI project that company had.

The very first responsibility was to write Selenium tests for the main product. Also I took part in UI design.

Built Continuous Integration, an automated acceptance testing stage. Implemented internal services and tools to control and automate CI processes. Integrating Jenkins, Gitlab, and Slack, I've automated changelog building for managers.

Automated invoice processing for accountants via PDF parsing, Google Apps Script and then GMail/Drive REST API.

In fact, I took such responsibilities of production lead as workflow supervision, teaching a young team to use git correctly, merge branches without conflicts, write unit tests, use functional and defensive programming practices.

Invented and implemented much more handy analog of Facebook Graph API Explorer. The CLI interface of the tool allowed us to easily provide our customers a way to use beta features of FB Marketing Partnership.

Invented and implemented an advertisement premoderaton system using Google Cloud Vision for automated scanning for a content that would be more likely banned by FB. Prediction accuracy was 98% (human accuracy -- 60-70%). Made a presentation of that project for Siberia Google Developers Group DevFest 2016 -- the only technical presentation of the company at least by that time.

Made a tool for customers that allowed to find a correlation between their ads performance and the used ad image color palette.

Because colleagues and management had absolutely no will or ability to help me I had to deploy most of it on my own and separately at Google Cloud Platform that resulted in automating backups and Stackdriver monitoring.

Was the only one enthusiastically doing a code review of JS and PHP code - was finding bugs and flaws in it.

Was the only one answering Facebook Marketing API tagged questions at Stack Overflow.
google cloud ruby A.I. jenkins selenium rspec

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Sebastopol National Technical University
Information Systems
Jan 2004 - Jan 2006
Получил знания об алгоритмах и языках программирования под современные компьютеры, давшие мне базу для дальнейшего самостоятельного освоения профессии.
Taurida National University
Jan 2006 - Jan 2009
В мелитопольском филиале потратил время зря.

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