Naser Mirzaei
Backend and Web Application Developer at VADA House of Mobile
Tehran, Iran
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Sep 2018 - Mar 2019 (6 months)
Tallinn, Estonia
Web Developer
At PairEx, I was a remote developer, using Golang, VueJS, and WordPress.
I used WordPress for the main website for a faster release. But, I was developing the new version of the site with Golang and NuxtJS. Also, an expert team in the USA was working on the Cryptocurrency Exchange with lovely Golang.
May 2017 - Jun 2017 (1 month)
Tehran, Iran
Miare is a logistics provider for restaurants. in Miare I was a Backend developer.
We had 2 backends, Golang and Python.
I was translating our legacy code from Python to Golang and sometimes had to code in Python (Django) backend if a feature needs this.
I worked for only 2 months with them. After that, I preferred to come back to Vada.
VADA House of Mobile
May 2015 - Present (7 years 3 months)
Tehran, Iran Current workspace
Currently Naser Mirzaei supports the VADA House of Mobile

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Backend and Web Application Developer
In VADA, We work on a mobile payment platform, named AppRoo. We designed it on a microservice architecture written in Golang, and deploy services on both Docker Swarm (Old one) and Kubernetes (New). Our stack:
- Golang (2 Developers include me)
- PostgreSQL (I write queries)
- Docker (I write Dockerfiles)
- Kubernetes (I write Kuberfiles for deploy with KubeCTL)
- Rancher (Using it for manage deployed applications)
- Gitlab (Our code repository)
- Gitlab CI (I write .gitlab-ci.yml files to automate all steps)
- Redis (we use Redis for caching, but not yet in production)
- NSQ (we wrote a pub/sub interface and implemented NSQ for the events)
- Minio Storage (We store files in minio)
- Sentry (I added sentry as a logger to catch logs and errors with details)
- VueJS (I develop our dashboard with VueJS)
- Vuetify (I use Vuetify for UI)
I skipped tools that I’m not using them, but the team uses it.
I’m both backend and frontend developer of the team. Also, I do DevOps tasks on Swarm, Kubernetes and all of our platform machines.
Our old Stack was:
- GoLang
- PostgreSQL
- RabbitMQ
- AngularJS
- Consul
- Docker
- Gitlab
- Gitlab CI
- Redis

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