Hamba Abuneri
Software Developer at GovNet Services Ltd
Kampala, Uganda

Highly innovative and self driven Software Engineer. I have skills in graphics, mobile, embedded and web development. Developer account: Website:

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GovNet Services Ltd
Mar 2021 - Present (3 years 1 month)
Kampala, Uganda Current workspace
Currently Hamba Abuneri supports the GovNet Services Ltd

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Software Developer
-Collaborated with cross-functional teams to design and develop Java-based applications for clients in the financial services industry.
-Utilized various Java frameworks, including Spring and Hibernate, to build scalable, high-performance applications.
-Led the development of a custom Java-based CRM system, which resulted in a 20% increase in sales productivity.
-Mentored junior developers in Java best practices and helped them to improve their technical skills.
-Participated in Agile software development methodologies, including daily stand-ups, sprint planning, and retrospectives.
-Contributed to the development of technical documentation and provided support to the QA team during testing phases.
-Build and Deploy micro services in spring boot framework.
-Used JPA and Hibernate on PostgreSQL, H2 and MySQL databases.
-Used elastic search to index and provide search results from the entire application.
-Used rabbitMQ as messaging broker for communication between micro services.
-Used Zulu to provide a single entry point to all services with dynamic routing.
-Used eureka server as a load balancer between micro-services and to check heartbeats of each service.
White Pages Uganda
Jan 2019 - Jan 2023 (4 years)
Kampala, Central Region
Software Developer
To design and develop a virtual marketplace, connecting buyers and sellers and facilitating transactions in a user-friendly and secure manner, listing all professional service providers in Uganda.
The application was implemented in Laravel with MySQL database.
It lists all service providers with information like location, phone numbers, address and their services and goods.
Its features cater to the needs of both individuals and businesses, making it a versatile platform for various types of classified advertisements.
Users can sign up and create individual accounts to access the app's features.
Authentication mechanisms ensure secure access to personal information and listings.
Users can easily create new classified listings by providing details such as title, description, price, category, and location.
Images or multimedia content can be uploaded to enhance the listing's visual appeal.
We built an admin dashboard that allows administrators to manage user accounts, listings, categories, and overall app settings.
The app provides a powerful search functionality, allowing users to search for specific items, services, providers, or keywords.
Advanced filtering options enable users to refine search results based on categories, location, price range, and other criteria.
Listings are organized into various categories and subcategories for easy navigation and browsing.
Users can browse specific categories or explore subcategories to find relevant listings quickly.
Users have the ability to edit, update, or delete their listings as needed.
Users can communicate with each other through integrated messaging systems, messaging features facilitate discussions, negotiations, and the exchange of additional information.
Intel World International Ltd.
Oct 2016 - Dec 2016 (2 months)
Product Developer
Reviewing current systems.
Reviewing and analyzing user requirements.
Working closely with other teams finance, marketing and management to deliver solutions for the business.
Producing detailed system specification documentation and other artifacts.
Writing program code to transform user requirements to usable applications.
Testing applications in a controlled environment.
Deploying applications.
Preparation of training manuals for users.
Maintaining and supporting systems once they are live.
To handle multiple projects at the same time.

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Digital signature
Nov 2015 - Present
Its an android app that simply enables people create digitally created signature save, share and insert into their documents.
Schools management system in VB and ms access
Dec 2015 - Present
This system is to manage student's, pupils and nursery kids information together with their guardian, medical and other circumstances.
It also monitors their attendance records at school.
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Makerere University
bachelors degree in software engineering, android, web and java development
Jan 2012 - Dec 2017
-Two years working as a programmer in several programming languages.
-I have published three android apps on google play store
-I do train students in the fields of programming and computer literacy.

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