Nikhil Dhabu
Pune, India

Driven Data Science Intern ready to thrive in demanding digital intelligence processing environments. Well-informed on latest machine learning advancements. Ready to combine tireless hunger for new skills with desire to exploit cutting-edge data science technology.

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Technocolabs Internship
Jan 2021 - Feb 2021 (1 month)
Data Science Intern
This is the internship where we were given to complete two projects the first one is mini project regarding spotify track skip action prediction and the second one is major and a team project called Developing Siamase LSTM model for sentence similarity.
Mini project: Spotify Music skip prediction with web deployment.
Major project: Development of LSTM Model Sentence Similarity.
Skill: Python, Pandas , scikit learn, Tensorflow
Tools: Streamlit, GoogleColab, Heroku, Flask
Python machine learning deep learning data science Flask tensorflow scikit learn pandas numpy github
The Sparks Foundation Internship
Dec 2020 - Dec 2020 (Less than a month)
Data Science & Business Analytics intern
ML topice tasks
machine learning data visualization pandas jupyter notebook
Forbes Marshall Full-time
May 2019 - Jun 2020 (1 year 1 month)
Technical Marketing Engineer
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Spotify Music-track Skips Action Prediction
Jan 2021 - Jan 2021
The goal of the challenge is to predict the likelihood of a user skipping any given song during a listening session.
python3 machine learning pandas data visualization numpy matplotlib jupyter notebook streamlit heroku
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National Institute of Technology Warangal
Post Graduate Program, Artificial intelligence and machine learning
Apr 2020 - Present
N.D.M.V.P.Samajs Nashik Engineering College,Shivajinagar, Gangapur Road, Nashik 422013
Bachelor of Engineering, Instrumentation and control Engineering
Jan 2014 - Jan 2018
CutShort Certified Data Science - Basic
Jun 2021

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