Nikolaas Verlee
Madrid, Spain

Worst engineer @ my company but third coolest

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2 years 8 months
Madrid, Spain
Senior Software Engineer
Jul 2020 - Oct 2021 (1 year 3 months)
Responsible for the ideation, development & iteration of the entire Tenant experience.
Actively mentoring a junior developer under my wing.
Interviews for engineering candidates (SDE II + SDE III)
javascript nodeJS react
Software Engineer II
Feb 2019 - Jul 2020 (1 year 5 months)
Experience developing for fault-tolerant distributed systems & microservices. Active contributions to internal engineering tools of the Core team.

Led a Google integration that increased our new & returning users CVR by ~500%. Generated an extra 2.400.000€ GMV in two months with my team (October 2019 -> December 2019) through A/B experiments that improved conversion.

- React + GraphQL
- React Native + Redux + Sagas (mobile app)
- Node.js
- Unit testing with Jest, Enzyme, React Testing Library
- Integration testing with, Behavior Driven Development (Cucumber / Gherkin),
- Integration testing with Detox for iOS and Android apps
- Backend for Frontend Architecture
- Observability and monitorization with Kibana, Grafana & KQL/Lucene queries
- Alerts with New Relic & Sentry
- A/B testing with Google Optimize & Amplitude
- Docker & Kubernetes
Android Docker GraphQL ios Kubernetes NodeJS ReactJS React Native Redux xcode
Apr 2018 - Oct 2018 (6 months)
Madrid y alrededores, España
Fullstack Teacher Assistant
Teacher assistant in Ironhack for the Web Development part-time bootcamp (with a duration of 6 months) I review & refactor code for the students, support them in their pair-programmings, daily exercises and act as part of the jury for their presentations.

The bootcamp teaches fullstack (MEAN) development in Matadero, Madrid.
- MongoDB
- Express
- Angular 6
- Node.js
Angular ExpressJS fullstack MongoDB NodeJS
Jan 2018 - Jan 2019 (1 year)
Madrid y alrededores, España
Frontend Engineer
Responsible to assess viable tech projects for both internal and external clients of the studio and organize the team accordingly to our needs.

- Frontend: React.js, Angular 6, JavaScript, Ecmascript 6, Typescript
- Backend: Node.js, Express, PHP
- Databases: Firebase, MongoDB, SQLite
- Templating: Twig, Handlebars, YAML
- Sass, modular css with BEM methodologies
- Git, Feature Branching using Continuous Delivery approach
Angular CSS ExpressJS JavaScript MongoDB NodeJS PHP ReactJS TypeScript

Certificado de Encuadernación & Serigrafía

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