Andrei N. Ciobanu
R&D Director at Qualitest
Bucharest, Romania

Writing "neat" code for fun.

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May 2019 - Present (3 years 1 month)
Bucharest, Romania Current workspace
Currently Andrei N. Ciobanu supports the Qualitest

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R&D Director
As an R&D Director, I am responsible for ramping teams of Software Engineers developing a sophisticated Cyber Intelligence platform for one of our top clients (an Israeli Defense Company).

My role is both technical and delivery oriented. On the one hand, I actively involve myself in the high-level technical direction of the product. On the other hand, I define and implement the processes and methodologies of (Agile) delivery.

The technology stack used on the project is Spring Boot, Apache Flink, Kafka, React/Redux, Elasticsearch, Docker & Kubernetes.
Docker Kubernetes spring
Deloitte Digital Romania (ERDC)
Sep 2016 - May 2019 (2 years 8 months)
Bucharest, Romania
Senior Engineering Manager
I've delivered 2 major e-commerce projects for our clients, leading up to 4-5 full-stack Scrum Teams (totalling around 50 people, including 3 Tech Leads and 5 Scrum Masters) using technologies like SAP Hybris, Adobe Experience Manager, Spring Boot, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB and Docker;

I was responsible for the design and implementation of a custom authentication module for
microservices using JWT tokens. The main challenge was to make the system secure and scalable;

I was responsible for the design and implementation of a highly performant and scalable messaging system, that was acting as the primary integration layer between the client's e-commerce solution and the company's legacy core systems. The technology used: Spring Boot, Amazon MQ and Redis. The solution was deployed in AWS, integrated with a Cloud Monitoring Solution (Splunk);

I was responsible with the management of a team of 10 DevOps engineers that were working on shifts and that were monitoring the production environment for an important e-commerce site;

I've defined our R&D Centre's Quality Standards, by promoting the usage of SonarQube and defining strict Quality Gates for our deliverables (eg.: Code Coverage, Cyclomatic Complexity, Security Checks, etc.);

I've defined recruitment strategies to attract technical talent from the local market (Eg.: Organising Bootcamps, Liaising with University Teachers, Exposure to Tech Communities etc.). My main achievement was to enable the Deloitte's R&D Centre to increase its headcount from 30 to 300 people in 3 years;

I've acted as the R&D Centre's main Tech Interviewer, defining our interviewing curricula and standards and managing a team of more than 20 tech interviewers;

As a Senior Manager in the Centre, I was responsible for defining the career framework for technical roles;

I was formally responsible for Career Coaching key Technical People from the Centre (3 Tech Leads and 2 Delivery Managers);
AWS cloud devops MongoDB MySQL spring
Aug 2013 - Sep 2016 (3 years 1 month)
Bucharest, Romania
Application Developer / Technical Team Lead
As an Application Developer, I was part of a Scrum Team developing Java Web Applications for one of our clients, a Major Financial Institution from France. The Applications were intensively used by the Risk Management Department of that bank.

As a Technical Lead, and also Scrum Master I was responsible with the technical analysis of new requirements, high-level estimations, code review, release management;

As a Technical Lead, I was responsible of the total rewrite and redesign of a legacy banking system to a newer technological stack (Spring Boot and AngularJS);

I've played a centre-wide role as the Tech Interview Lead, acting as a liaison between the Recruitment Department and the pool of Tech Interviewers.

In 2015 and 2016, I've worked closely to my Business Line Manager to organise two Java Internship programs, for more than 40 students. I was responsible for defining the learning curricula, recruiting the students, and on-board them onto different projects (based on their skills).

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Feb 2020 - Present
ServerNeat is (not another) a Kotlin Web Server for mocking and stubbing Rest APIs.

It provides an easy to use DSL and seamless integration with MockNeat for generating dynamic JSON responses.

ServerNeat can be used as a standalone application, capable of loading, compiling and evaluating kts scripts, or as a Kotlin/Java library.
Dec 2016 - Present
AnsiScape is a simple Java library that allows the user to format the output of the applications using ANSI Escape Codes.
Mar 2017 - Mar 2017
A simple and efficient StringFormatter that supports named parameters (with a twist)

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Universitatea „Politehnica” din București
Bachelor, Electronics, Telecommunications, Computer Programming
Dec 2004 - Dec 2008
National College "Carol I" Craiova
Bacalaureat, Mathematics - Informatics (English Bilingual)
Dec 2000 - Dec 2004
Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer
May 2014
Java SE 7 Programmer I (1Z0-803)
May 2014
Duolingo French Fluency: Intermediate (Estimated)
Nov 2015

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