Prasanta Kakati
Guwahati, India

Results-oriented Full Stack Developer with a passion for crafting robust and efficient solutions since 2016. Proficient in Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Kotlin, and Dart, I've built web apps with React, Django, FastAPI, Flask, Next.js, and Express, along with Android and Flutter mobile apps. Skilled in server setup and maintenance as well.

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Ekata Pool Companion
May 2022 - Aug 2023 (1 year 3 months)
App Developer
- Developed a mobile(Android) and desktop(Linux, Windows) app in Flutter, which acts as an easy-to-use cryptocurrency mining tool for CPU and GPU mineable coins.
- Integrated xmrig, xmrigcc, and ccminer as mining backends.
- Built a miner configuration generation wizard.
- Built an option to save configurations to the cloud for easy access later.
- Developed a REST API with ExpressJS that acts as a cloud store. It provides functionality for users to save and retrieve miner configurations for quick start. Additionally, it has predefined pool configurations which user can choose through the wizard. The API logs user activity for usage analysis.
flutter android ExpressJS docker linux nginx kotlin dart cloudflare cdn xmrig ccminer
Ekata IO
Oct 2021 - May 2022 (7 months)
Full Stack Developer
- Collaborated on the development of a cryptocurrency payment processor which can be integrated in 3rd party application.
- Developed the client dashboard where the user can check the status of payment, create projects, add payout address, and check the log of payouts, among other features.
- Implemented a payment form that can be integrated in any web app, using JavaScript code.
- Used Python (FastAPI) and MongoDB as the backend, and built the frontend using React and TypeScript.
- Created a REST API for payment forms and client dashboard.
- Added backend utilities and background jobs for payment processing.
- The project also had a helper library in Python and Node.js for the client developer. The helper library was created to make it easier to create payment form id, and verify payment on the client-side backend.
- Deployed and maintained the application using docker.
fastapi ReactJS mongodb python javascript typescript nodeJS docker linux nginx cloudlfare cdn cryptocurrency arq
Jan 2021 - Sep 2021 (8 months)
Full Stack Developer
- Developed a stats app where users can pay a fee in cryptocurrency to see how many other people have used it.
- Implemented crypto payment processing for bitcoin, monero, dogecoin and BAZA.
- Used Django(Python) for backend and React(Typescript) for frontend.
Django React Cryptocurrency python typescript docker docker compose gitlab nginx git linux celery

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Password Paster
Frequently, we encounter websites that restrict pasting within their password input fields, like the login pages of banking sites. This compels us to manually input the password, which can be even more laborious when dealing with lengthy passwords from a password manager. Moreover, certain websites necessitate entering the password twice during sign-up, demanding a repetitive manual entry. This is where this extension becomes useful.
javascript browser plugin html css
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Anundoram Borooah Academy
H.S, Science
Jun 2009 - May 2011
CSS Skill Assessment
Sep 2022
Python Skill Assessment
Jun 2022
React Skill Assessment
Jun 2022

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