Roni Lockwood
Colorado, United States

I am passionate about all things web development, food trucks and my best bud Ollie. My unique perspective helps with creating individual websites and troubleshooting areas that may need attention.

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Taft Hill Acres
Feb 2023 - Mar 2023 (1 month)
Website build (freelance)
Constructed user-friendly Gatsby website with Sanity.io as content editing solution, comprising of 5 optimized responsive pages.
Contact forms that use Netlify forms, Contains image galleries and several image sliders Received praise from client for enhanced website performance, increasing web visits by 50% and session time by 30%.
gatsby tailwindcss sanity.io netlify responsive design
Jun 2022 - Mar 2024 (1 year 9 months)
Frontend Engineer - Contract
Developed a React library of reusable components attaining a reduction in development time for all Postman applications.
Utilized Github, BitBucket and Slack to coordinate cross-functional projects & support software engineering operations, leading to a reduction in troubleshooting time.
Created Gatsby & styled components-based documentation website to amplify Open Source team visibility
Reviewed pull requests, provided feedback
Developed several landing page with Gatsby, using the Figma file and worked with design, content, enterprise teams
Moved open source Postman Learning site to use styled components instead of Sass
gatsby Styled Components javascript jira slack git github bitbucket bootstrap api jest cypress jsx GraphQL postman
Bio-Nutrition Laboratories
Jan 2022 - Jun 2022 (5 months)
Fort Collins, United States
Account Manager
Setup business process and physical structures
Setup/ran Order processing, shipping, inventory control
Update websites inventory, product listings
teams bigcommerce excel word

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Jun 2022 - Aug 2022
Sunglo Window Film
Created custom & fully responsive 5-page website for a client, utilizing Gatsby framework & TailwindCSS for faster loading speed, improved security & optimal SEO performance.
Includes 2 contact forms that use Netlify forms, without any server-side code, and hosted on Netlify
tailwindcss gatsby responsive design netlify
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Self Taught Web Developer
Self Taught Web Developer
Apr 2019 - Present

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