Roni Lockwood
Colorado, United States

I am passionate about all things web development, food trucks and my best bud Ollie. My unique perspective helps with creating individual websites and troubleshooting areas that may need attention.

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Jun 2022 - Dec 2022 (6 months)
Frontend Engineer - Contract
- Manage tickets
- update components
- Move from scss to styled components
gatsby Styled Components javascript jira slack git github bitbucket
Bio-Nutrition Laboratories
Jan 2022 - Jun 2022 (5 months)
Fort Collins, United States
Account Manager
Order processing, shipping, inventory control
● Customer service on phone, email, and chat
● Update websites inventory, product listings
Constant Contact
Oct 2020 - Jan 2022 (1 year 3 months)
Customer Service Rep
● Build relationships through an informative, educational process with customers, average 30 calls per day
● Develop the outcomes needed for a successful relationship with brands

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Landing Page
Jun 2020 - Jun 2020
Mold Removal Express
The client needed a quick landing page for a new service being provided. I was given both copy and graphics. The timeframe was met well within limit and the page has subtle difference from main theme.
wordpress css
New Website
Oct 2020 - Dec 2020
Created a new website with 2 image sliders and a image gallery. Used several plugins and with a Contact Form. GatsbyJs framework and Netlify CDN.
ReactJS responsive design gatsby
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Web Development
Jun 2019 - May 2020

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