Anton Alexeev
Rostov-na-Donu, Russia

I am full stack developer. I like learning and solve problems in my work area. I can fast learn something new, because I have a big experience in different area and that help me to understand new languages and paradigm. I can say that programming is my first hobby and football is my second.

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Nov 2019 - Mar 2021 (1 year 4 months)
Lead backend developer
Work on e-commerce application. Integrate elasticsearch into filter and product list. Code reviews.
Sep 2018 - Mar 2019 (6 months)
Ворлд трэвел телеком
Dec 2012 - Aug 2018 (5 years 8 months)
Back-end Developer
I work with Project manager and Call-center staff on the implementation of internal company projects, like:
Center for application processing with notification and escalation of problems. Using Yii.
Call-center SAS platform to sell for customers. With external orders export API. Using with Laravel and REST API. This Platform also supports customizable scheduling for generating and sending reports (XML, JSON, HTML)
Export KPI charts from billions records PostgreSQL and MySQL databases with building complex performance custom queries. Using with PL/pgSQL - functions on PostgreSQL and d3js - for visualization.
Callback SaaS platform which connects sites visitors with client’s managers using direct call to both manager and visitor phones via IP network (Asterisk or API Phone IP company).

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Nov 2019 - Present
E-commerce application. Aggregation and view on product list use elasticsearch.
php js elasticsearch elas VueJS
Oct 2020 - Present
E-commerce application. Elasticsearch for aggregation and viewing
php design patterns elasticsearch
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Southern Federal University
Master, Applied Mathematics and Informatics
Sep 2003 - Jul 2009
MongoDB University
M101P: MongoDB for Developers
Feb 2016
MongoDB University
M201: MongoDB Performance
Mar 2017
Complete Guide to Elasticsearch
May 2020

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