Orry Verducci
Cambridge, United Kingdom
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Ideal World Ltd
Nov 2019 - Mar 2022 (2 years 4 months)
Peterborough, United Kingdom
Broadcast Engineer
Responsible for supporting the technical operations of 5 television channels producing 20 hours a day of live programming using 2 studios.

Duties include:

• Providing on-site and on-call technical support to our production, transmission and studio technical operations teams.

• Planning and implementing system and infrastructure upgrades.

• Maintaining and configuring the broadcast infrastructure equipment, ensuring they are operating normally and fixing faults when issues develop, including the following equipment and systems:
 - Pebble Beach: Marina Playout Automation, Dolphin Integrated Channel Devices
 - Ross: Carbonite Ultra vision mixers, NK routers
 - Grass Valley: IP Edge router, IQ Modular interfacing and processing, sQ Server, LiveTouch, MV Multiviewer, Go! Production Suite, FileFlow
 - Harmonic MediaGrid archive storage
 - Cisco and Juniper IP network switches
 - Pixel Power LogoVision graphics
 - Yamaha QL1 audio mixers
 - Trilogy Gemini intercom talkback
 - Adobe Premiere, Audition and After Effects edit suites
 - Windows Servers and MS SQL databases
 - Open Source: FFmpeg, x264
.net mssql
Ideal Shopping Direct
Mar 2018 - Nov 2019 (1 year 8 months)
Peterborough, United Kingdom
Junior Transmission Operator
Responsible for operating multichannel playout for 5 broadcast television channels and carrying out day-to-day operations in the transmission department.

Duties included:

• Operating and monitoring multichannel playout for 5 channels, three of which broadcasting up to 20 hours of live programming a day, ensuring the correct programmes are airing and reacting to any technical issues to rectify them.

• Building and managing playlists for both live and repeat programming on the Pebble Beach Marina playout automation system.

• Handling channel scheduling outside weekday daytime hours, including updating the Electronic Programme Guide on all platforms.

• Recording and ingesting content to server ready for transmission, carrying out quality control to ensure technical and editorial standards have been met.

• Updating and maintaining departmental databases and reports.
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The University of Salford
Bachelor's Degree, Digital Broadcast Technology
Jan 2011 - Jan 2014
Core Studies:
Analogue Electronics for Audio/Video Technology
Animated Graphics
Application Programming
Audio Production
Broadcast Systems and Television Engineering
Data Communications
Networking Technologies
Hills Road Sixth Form College
A Levels - Business Studies, Computing, Physics, Maths, Academic Research Course
Jan 2008 - Jan 2010
3 A Levels (B-D), 2 AS Levels and a Level 2 Higher Project Qualification (A*)
Soham Village College
Jan 2003 - Jan 2008
8 GCSEs (A-B)

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