Osvaldo Santana Neto
Senior Software Engineer at ClipMyHorse.TV
Taunusstein, Germany

CTO and Software Developer at @clipmyhorse, Python & Django Developer, Retro Computing/Gaming enthusiast, Electronics Hobbyist and formerly bike rider

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3 years 8 months
Wiesbaden, Hesse Current workspace
Currently Osvaldo Santana Neto supports the ClipMyHorse.TV

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Senior Software Engineer
Apr 2020 - Present (1 year 5 months)
Yeah! I will code some stuff again!
php symfony mysql gitlab
Jun 2019 - Present (2 years 3 months)
scrum agile jira
3 years 2 months
Curitiba Area, Brazil
Technology Director of Platform (OCS)
Oct 2018 - Mar 2019 (5 months)
After the initial growth of olist, I transitioned to a strategic role to design and create the platform technology to empower commerce and to support olist growth.
python python3
Jan 2016 - Oct 2018 (2 years 9 months)
- Hiring, remote team building, and management. From 0 to ~25 in 2 years spread around Brazil, Spain, and Portugal
- Software Development Processes implementation
- Adoption of good engineering practices
- Web/API Development
- Software Architecture Design
django python python3
Titans Group
Jan 2013 - Dec 2015 (2 years 11 months)
Software Developer
My role was the development of Web Applications using Python frameworks like Flask, Tornado, and Django.

Work as a developer at "Cloud Sync" product. Cloud Sync is a "white label" (OEM) file sync product similar to Dropbox. It's implemented in Django (with some Flask subsystems) and runs on AWS infrastructure (EC2, RDS, S3, SQS, and SES). This product host a bunch of terabytes of data from ~200k users.

We've also developed a partial implementation of CardDAV service using Flask and MySQL (started as a Tornado+MongoDB software and migrated to Flask+MySQL).

Work as a developer and architect of "Components" team whose responsibility is implementing common (micro)services for the other companies' teams.

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