Andrew Bounds
Delaware, United States
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Jul 2013 - Aug 2022 (9 years 1 month)
Infrastructure Consultant
Create Chef cookbooks using Ruby and PowerShell. Refactor existing Chef code to optimize and improve manageability. Develop scripts used for Infrastructure management, build, deployment, and support.
Automated on-boarding process allowing servers to be quickly brought into Capgemini support. Expedited process ensured server hardware, operating systems, software and procedures aligned with customer standards
Designed process for decoupling and migration of Microsoft Windows cluster servers. Allowing migration from legacy physical to virtual hardware.
Automated TLS/SSL hardening via PowerShell and Chef. Reducing manpower required for compliance remediation.
Maintain and support Ivanti EMSS systems. Patch management, deployment, endpoint support, package creation.
Trained employees across multiple departments on process and procedures including use of software, technical training, and knowledge transfer of Chef, Ruby, and PowerShell.
Canadian Controlled Good Program (CGP) certified (through Capgemini)
Certified for support of UK Ministry of Defense Contract servers (through Honeywell)
Certified for support of United States Postal Service Contract servers (through Honeywell)
powershell ansible windows linux chef.io
11 years 10 months
Wilmington, United States
IT Security Specialist
Aug 2007 - Jun 2013 (5 years 10 months)
Maintained an audit ready posture on OS and middleware. Performed security health checks for GSD331, ITCS104 and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. CIRATS (Compliance Issue Risk APAR Tracking System) tracked to completion the closure of open security issues.
Scheduled manpower for the deployment of monthly security patches to approximately 5000 servers. Maintained a perfect Service Level Agreement for patch management as a member of the IT Security Team.
Systems Administrator
Aug 2001 - Jun 2013 (11 years 10 months)
Audit compliance, Patch management Systems Integration Team.
Worked with the System Integration Team to address issues in a new data center. Identified gaps in the environment which helped to maintain the standardized server build documentation.
Interfaced with Project Managers and our customer to help implement solutions. Planned and implemented application lifecycle management, data migrations, server builds, and decommissions. Detailed project tracking from request to completion as a Project Lead.
Wrote protocols, qualification documents, test plans and test reports for quality assurance purposes.
Blonder Tongue Laboratories
Jan 1997 - Jan 2000 (3 years)
New Jersey
Systems Administrator
Built, maintained, and administered a Microsoft based network

Implementation and administration Microsoft Exchange 5.5 server

Setup and maintained a Microsoft PPTP based VPN server

Maintained physical network components, routers, switches, and hubs

Developed network security protocol and login and scripts

Provided desktop support for 125+ PC users in a cross platform environment

Diagnosed and repaired software and hardware malfunctions

Extensive knowledge of Windows NT, Windows 9x, Windows 3.x and DOS

Thorough understanding of physical and logical topologies, frame types, communication protocols and their implementation in LAN and
WAN environments

Experienced with installing and troubleshooting RAS equipment and servers

Integrated and debugged test positions and computer systems within a manufacturing environment

Extensive experience in building and maintaining computers

Familiar with Linux / Unix systems and AS400 mainframes
Ansible Basics & Installing WordPress on LAMP with Playbooks
Feb 2022
Introduction to Ansible: The Fundamentals
Feb 2022
AWS Technical Professional (Digital)
Aug 2017

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