Luca Dommes
Darmstadt, Germany

CEO and Software Engineer at devterm IT Solutions (

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devterm IT Solutions GmbH & Co. KG
Mar 2020 - Jul 2020 (4 months)
We are a young team of software enthusiasts. We help our customers to tackle their everyday challenges by providing them with custom software solutions. We employ latest technologies, live agile methods and don't only use but actively support open source software where we can. This allows us to build high-quality software that is future-proof while still being affordable.
angular go docker python java javascript typescript react flutter
Nov 2018 - Feb 2019 (3 months)
Blockchain Consultant
Oct 2018 - Mar 2020 (1 year 5 months)
Freelance Software Engineer
- Full stack web development for clients of
varying industries
- DevOps
- Software architecture consulting
- Blockchain consulting
- Technologies worked with: Angular,
JavaScript/TypeScript, Golang, Python, MongoDB,
SQL Databases, Docker

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