Paolo Salvatori
Milan, Italy
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22 years 7 months
Milan Area, Italy
Principal Program Manager
Sep 2013 - Jul 2020 (6 years 10 months)
I'm a member of the Azure Customer Advisory Team. In this role, I’m focused on the following tasks and responsibilities:
• Help strategic customers to design, build, deploy and monitor mission-critical solutions on the Azure platform
• Drive engineering relationships across customers and partners to fully understand and learn from the customer experience end-to-end on the Azure platform.
• Provide feedbacks to the engineering team to improve Azure services.
• Deliver presentations at Microsoft and non-Microsoft technical events (e.g. BUILD conference in 2014)
• Provide architectural guidance for Azure solutions through interaction with technical audiences
• Design IoT and real-time analytics using the Azure platform.
• Contribute to public case studies on the Microsoft site (e.g. Proactima, Costa Crociere)
• Created the Service Bus Explorer tool that is currently used by a significant number of internal and external customers.
• Author, co-author, review whitepapers and articles published on MSDN and Azure official site.
• Built a considerable number of samples on my GitHub account.
• Published e-books on multi-container app development on the official Microsoft Azure web site.
Senior Program Manager
Jul 2010 - Aug 2013 (3 years 1 month)
After joining the Azure Customer Advisory Team, I demonstrated a high level of flexibility in mastering a high number of technologies (Cloud Services, Service Bus, Caching, WCF, WF, etc.) and different scenarios (EAI, Hybrid Solutions, Cloud Apps, EDA) and delivered a significant number of articles, code samples, presentations at public technical events. In this role, I accomplished the following tasks:
• Conducted several architecture design reviews that helped strategic customer to improve the stability, performance and security of mission-critical cloud solutions built with Azure technologies.
• Delivered several performance labs at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, US
• Contributed to public case studies on the Microsoft site
• Worked at a large number of strategic accounts
• Delivered a significant amount of presentations at Microsoft and non-Microsoft technical events.
• Authored or co-authored whitepapers and articles published on MSDN and Azure official site.
• Built a considerable number of demos and samples on MSDN code gallery.
• Provided several feedbacks to improve Azure services.
• Established a close relationship with the various teams in the product group.
Senior Program Manager
Jul 2007 - Aug 2013 (6 years 1 month)
In the BizTalk Customer Advisory team I focused on the following tasks:
• Ensured the success of strategic, high revenue, high risk customers by delivering onsite architecture design reviews of mission-critical EAI, B2B and financial projects based on BizTalk Server.
• Conducted around 50 design reviews on large accounts.
• Prepared and delivered load and performance tests aimed at improving the scalability and performance of mission-critical applications for top customers.
• Provided centralized, comprehensive response for customer escalations.
• Collected feedbacks and bugs to improve the quality of BizTalk Server.
• Defined and reviewed specifications for individual modules of BizTalk Server 2009 and 2010 (e.g. rule engine, mapping, orchestration engine, etc.)
• Co-authored the official guides on MSDN (BizTalk Server 2006 R2/2009/2010 Optimization Guide, BizTalk Server 2009/2010 Operations Guide, etc.)
• Delivered several sessions on BizTalk Server integration at the following technical events\conferences (TechEd In Berlin and Amsterdam, TechReady in Seattle, other regional events)
• Posted several articles and demos on my blog and MSDN Code Gallery.
Principal Consultant
Jul 2005 - Jun 2007 (1 year 11 months)
As a Principal Consultant in the Microsoft Consulting Services, Microsoft Italy, I designed and implemented a significant number of end-to-end solutions. Here is a list of the main projects I worked at:
• I designed and implemented the backend system and service components of the Microsoft Connected Services Framework (CSF), a service-aggregation SOA platform built by MCS Italy. Developed on the .NET framework, CSF enabled scalable, loosely coupled service-based solutions. CSF was largely based on WCF and WF and it provided a sophisticated and context-driven routing engine to forward request messages to external .NET or BizTalk driver services.
• Later on, the CSF server engine was adopted by the Microsoft Customer Care Framework (CCF), a desktop-based framework which was used to address issues faced by service providers caused by multiple line of business (LOB) systems while interacting with their customers. The Customer Care Framework provided a core set of functions for customer support avenues including voice call via call center agents and Internet portals.
• Designed a complex end-to-end solution for Brembo to collect, process and analyze in near-real time the telemetry data generated by Formula 1 racing cars.
Senior Consultant
Jul 2000 - Jul 2005 (5 years)
As a Senior Consultant in Microsoft Services, I took part as a lead architect and developer to several projects with large accounts. Here are the main engagements that I worked at:
• Collaborated with Accenture to the design and implementation of a large, mission-critical budgeting solution for Philip Morris built using the .NET Framework, SQL Server and .NET Remoting.
• Designed and implemented a B2B for Ferrero based on BizTalk Server 2002 and .NET components.
• Designed and implemented the core engine of a complex, rule-based provisioning system for Telecom Italia using BizTalk Server 2004 and .NET components. The system was used to manage all the marketing campaigns.
• Built identity management solutions for Vodafone Italia, Ferrovie dello Stato (Italian Rail Company), Banca Intesa and Ministry of Justice using Active Directory, SQL Server, Microsoft Identity Integration Server.
Oct 1997 - Jul 2000 (2 years 9 months)
Microsoft Consulting Services is the consulting division within Microsoft which is responsible for designing, building, deploying and supporting mission-critical solutions for the enterprise. As a developer, I was responsible for the development of end-to-end solutions for customers in the financial sector such as Banca Toscana and Monte dei Paschi di Siena. In this period, I also collaborated with partners such as Gruppo Formula and TeamSystem in the design and development of sophisticated ERP solutions with Microsoft technologies such as MTS\DCOM\COM+, SQL Server, ADO, ASP, IIS and languages such Visual Basic 6, C++, HTML\DHTML and JavaScript.
Apr 1997 - Oct 1997 (6 months)
Milan, Italy
Unisys is a global information technology company that specializes in providing industry-focused solutions integrated with leading-edge security to clients in the government, financial services and commercial markets. Unisys offerings include security solutions, advanced data analytics, cloud and infrastructure services, application services and application and server software.
As a developer, I worked in the team responsible for Hermes, the flag-ship Unisys product for the editorial and publishing market. In this period, I matured a strong competency in the architecture design of multi-tier client-server applications and personally designed and developed a brand-new, multi-threaded service in Windows NT. Besides, I ported some existing components of the Hermes solution from Unix to Windows NT.
Jan 1996 - Mar 1997 (1 year 2 months)
Pisa, Italy
As a developer, I contributed to the design and development of an automation and M2M system for ENEL, multinational energy company and a global integrated operator in the electricity and gas industries based in Italy. We developed a command and control and health monitoring system to proactively to monitor and proactively manage operations of group of remote power plants from a centralized console. This solution integrates with field automation components like PLCs, Industrial PCs and SCADA systems to acquire plant floor information and orchestrate production flows for both discrete and process manufacturing customers. When a health condition is detected, it notifies an alert to the Remote Monitoring Center. I personally designed and built software components in C\C++ on the following platforms: Unix on Digital Alpha Server and Sun OS, OpenVMS on Digital Alpha Server, Windows NT on Intel Servers.

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