Piotr Żuralski
Malaga, Spain

Backend developer with 14 years of experience in commercial web development. Eager to achieve set goals and successfully complete the product lifecycle by developing applications and providing solutions for Continuous Integration with Continuous Deployment. Constantly delivers high-quality code.

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Jan 2022 - Mar 2023 (1 year 2 months)
Site Reliability Engineer
aws github ruby ruby on rails git visual studio code macos scrum
Oct 2020 - Dec 2021 (1 year 2 months)
Site Reliability Engineer
- solution analysis
- supporting with expert knowledge
- software development, deployment, verification, validation
- technological and quality supervision over software development

Used technologies: git, GitLab, AWS, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, RabbitMQ, Redis, JIRA, ElasticSearch, Jenkins, Shell, Python, Spinnaker, PHP 7, Grafana, Kibana
kubernetes aws terraform php jira git gitlab ci/cd terraform scrum agile kubernetes docker bash helm prometheus elasticsearch aurora aws rds grafana
Oct 2018 - Jun 2020 (1 year 8 months)
Gdańsk, Poland
Senior Software Engineer
azure sugar crm jboss fuse azure devops git azure jira mysql

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Dec 2007 - Oct 2008
Niewiarygodne.pl is a portal is devoted to paranormal phenomena.

Used technologies/tools:
PHP 4.1, company MVC framework, MySQL 5, XHTML, Oracle, SLAMD, XHTML 1.0, Concurrent Versions System (CVS), JavaScript.

Statiscics for July 2013 (Megapanel PBI/Gemius)
- Real users: 1 764 059
- Pageviews: 19 255 687
Online Insurance Platform
May 2011 - Dec 2013
Online Insurance Platform include more than 20 insurance websites operating in 4 different business models, with interfaces for Call Center, direct sale to customer, sale in a point (POS).

Used technologies/tools:
PHP 5, Zend Framework 1, Doctrine 2, PostgreSQL 8, Memcache, Subversion (SVN), mPDF, XHTML, JavaScript, jQuery, REST, SOAP WebServices, XML, JSON, cron jobs

- 7 different product lines
- More than 15 insurance companies
- More than 20 insurance websites in 4 different business models
- More than 50 products
- Data exchange integration (SOAP, REST API, SSH, FTP) with 20 external systems (insurance companies, car valuation services, affiliate programs, partners, payment system, electronic signature system, SMS gateway)
- Online, card and cash payments with installments
- Electronic signature
- Electronic policies delivery
- E-mail and SMS reminders for payment
- Statistics and settlements for business and partners
Hermes - premium SMS platform
Aug 2010 - Aug 2010
Hermes is a platform to support mobile marketing via SMS Premium.

Used technologies/tools:
PHP 5.3, Osnowa (company MVC framework), MySQL, MongoDB, PHPUnit, Smarty, HTML 4, CSS 2, jQuery, Subversion (SVN), Mercurial (hg), Scrum, Agile, code review.

- Voting in polls or surveys
- Contests or lotteries
- Paid access to the resources of the website
- Carrying out promotional campaigns involving mass SMS broadcast transmission

The results are analyzed automatically by the system in real time, as well as response is done to the customer.

- Real-time transmission of data for the selected website and/or download them from the system (the results of polls, surveys, polls)
- Observation of customer behavior (impact of promotions on the results of the action, analyze the best time to conduct the promotion)
- Use boosters to contacts with clients (acknowledgment for sending the message; confirmation of the voting poll or survey; notification of the ending date of the poll, notification of the change results of the vote in which participated voter)
- Grouping the results according to established criteria
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WSB Gdańsk
Bachelor of Engineering - BE, Software Development
Oct 2017 - Present
ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management
Dec 2013

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