Pablo Machado
Barcelona, Spain

Digital sector professional in training, interested in front end web development. My competencies are: - Attention to order and quality. - Planification and organization. - Learning and use of knowledge. I am learning about: react HTML5 / CSS3 javascript Digital Marketing + SEO I have done remote work. The opportunity to do virtual work has developed my more autonomous aspect, while working in person has helped me learn from the team from another angle.

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Sempiterno solutions
Apr 2023 - Jul 2023 (3 months)
Barcelona, Cataluña
Freelance React FrontEnd Web Developer
Freelance React FrontEnd Web Developer.
I gained valuable experience as a frontend developer using React, where I adhered to the best programming principles like the Single Responsibility Principle and the DRY principle.

Key Responsibilities and Achievements:

I designed and implemented React components following the Single Responsibility Principle, where each component performed a single task, thus improving the readability of the code and facilitating future modifications.

I kept the code DRY (Do Not Repeat), avoiding redundancy and improving code efficiency and long-term maintainability.

I used Hooks and APIs to integrate backend functionalities, following the composition principle in React, which allowed a more efficient management of state and side effects in components.

Implemented interactive galleries, contact pages, and calendars using component reuse, one of React's strengths, to maximize consistency across the website and minimize redundant code.

Created feature-rich interfaces with maps and images, implementing data immutability in React, which improved application performance and reliability.
I develop interactive components using React and Material-UI.
Apply custom styles and themes using Material-UI's customization capabilities.
Handle application state using React Hooks or Redux, as needed.
Consume external APIs to get and send data through the application.
Ensuring that the application is responsive and looks good on mobile devices and screens of different sizes.
Implement animations and transitions to improve the user experience.
Optimize application performance using lazy loading techniques and image optimization.
ReactJS Redux
Sep 2019 - Oct 2021 (2 years 1 month)
English Teacher
Preparation and dictation of classes. Correction. Participation in projects with students.
The Hackett Group
Jun 2017 - Nov 2019 (2 years 5 months)
Montevideo, Uruguay
Service Desk Associate
Provide Tier 1 support for all end-user issues related to business applications (in scope), operating system, printing, Office automation tools, and generic IT inquiries.

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Portfolio Pablo Machado
Professional in the digital sector within the
Full Stack Web Development.
My skills include: Attention to detail and quality. Planning and organization. Learning and application of knowledge. Did I just pique your interest? Let's chat 💬
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Instituto de Profesores Artigas, Montevideo, Uruguay.
English Teacher, Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Jan 2018 - Dec 2024
Business administration, Business administration
Jan 2011 - Dec 2012
PC operator
Jan 2004 - Dec 2004
English, English
Jan 1995 - Dec 2000
Por mi cuenta
Desarrollador Jr Front End Angular, Desarrollo de páginas web, contenido digital/multimedia y recursos informáticos
Oct 2022 - Feb 2033
Skills: Desarrollo web
IT Academy de Barcelona Activa
Fundamentos Javascript, Desarrollo de páginas web, contenido digital/multimedia y recursos informáticos
Dec 2022 - Mar 2023
Manejo de JavaScript.
MigraCode Barcelona
Full Stack Web Developer, Development of web pages, digital/multimedia content and computer resources
Sep 2023 - Jul 2024
Skills: REST API · HTML · Webpack · CSS Flexbox · Problem Solving · Project Management · React.js · Web Development · Teamwork · Command Prompt · Web Design · GitHub · Clean Code · Responsive Web Design · HTML5 · JSON · npm · CSS Grid Layout · React Hooks · JavaScript · Communication · Bootstrap · Node.js · Page Layout · ES6 · Software Development · Microsoft Visual Studio Code · Git · Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) · Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
Apr 2022
Learn CSS Course
Mar 2022
Learn HTML Course
Mar 2022

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