dhiya kellouche
Wilaya de Chlef, Algeria

A Computer Science graduate who is very enthusiastic about finding new ways to improve the world, I have a good background in web development and a strong passion for learning new technologies. I am currently working as a freelancer and I am looking for a new job.

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Jun 2023 - Jul 2023 (1 month)
Backend developer
Backend developer using nodeJS, ExpressJS, TypeScript, Opentelemetry, Docker, and Jaeger tracing tools
nodeJS expressjs mongodb Angular typescript i18n opentelmetry jaeger docker docker compose prisma GraphQL
Université Hassiba Ben Bouali, Chlef
Mar 2023 - Apr 2023 (1 month)
Chlef, Chlef
Full stack web developer volunteer teacher 🧑‍🏫
Omran Software
Jan 2023 - Jun 2023 (5 months)
Chlef, Algeria
Back End Developer
▪️Build a back-end Tracing tool with opentelemtry and Jaeger tracing backend

▪️project manager for a mobile application
nodeJS ExpressJS GraphQL cockroash postgresql mongodb .net ReactJS chakraUI typescript javascript mvc

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Aug 2022 - Present
My first Portfolio to show my projects and skills
html css javascript json ajax responsive design
Physics Arabic - Course & Quiz
Mar 2022 - Jun 2022
university Finale project
nodeJS ExpressJS postgresql pug css javascript npm
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université hassiba ben bouali
Bachelor's degree, Computer science
Oct 2019 - Jun 2022
hacker rank
JavaScript (Basic) Certificate
Aug 2022
hacker rank
Java (Basic) Certificate
Oct 2021
Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)
May 2021

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