Rafael Borges Machado
Santa Catarina, Brazil

I'm a software developer with focus on back-end technologies, but I'm also interested in software infrastructure and architecture and even a little bit of front-end. C# is my main programming language.

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NDD - Desenvolvimento de Software
Jan 2013 - Aug 2020 (7 years 7 months)
Lages, Santa Catarina
C# Software Developer
Over the years at NDD I have performed on the following projects:

New product still without commercial name

- During the framework migration from .NET to .NET Core I helped updating the continuous integration flow (CI) to support .NET Core.

- I worked giving Docker support in our applications and migrated the continuous integration flow that made the publications in IIS (Internet Information Services) on a Windows machine to Docker running on Ubuntu (Linux). We were one of the first teams in the company to carry out this migration and our work served as a basis for the other teams.

nddPrint MPS - Print Management Outsourcing

- I was the main back-end developer in the Contracts module, that is one of the product's leading modules, in which it is possible to: customize the billing process, configure and handle alerts, issue reports, among other features.

- I was also the lead back-end developer in the first version of our integration with HP Smart Devices Services. Through this integration it was possible to provide advanced features for HP printers, such as the remote update for the firmware.

- I developed a tool to assist in the migration of our databases in a major update of the Inventory Management module. Basically it was necessary to read a large volume of data from the database, transform this data into the updated format and, finally, reinsert the data into the database.

- The first version of this tool took 16 hours to complete this process. After several improvements and a change in the way data was entered, this time was reduced by 14 minutes.
c# sql server docker docker compose rabbitmq mongodb azure azure devops redis
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Universidade do Planalto Catarinense
Information Systems
Dec 2012 - Dec 2016

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