Rafael Medeiros
Tech Lead at Listo Tecnologia
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Typescript/Javascript microservices
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I currently lead a small team in a fintech acting both as architect and developer. Main technologies are Typescript, Javascript and Java in that order. Architecture is ~85% microservices, AWS with docker, kafka, lambda, etc...

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Listo Tecnologia
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Currently Rafael Medeiros supports the Listo Tecnologia

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Jun 2017 - Present (2 years 9 months)
Tech Lead
* Hands on leadership of a small backend team, developing microservices in Typescript (backend) and Javascript. Everything in the cloud (AWS S3, Lambda, MongoDB Atlas/DynamoDB); * Devised, designed, developed and maintains all microservices which enables the company to integrate with banks (CNAB/CIP SLC) and other financial institutions.
May 2016 - May 2017 (1 year)
BI & Digital Consultant
* Architect for Votorantim Cimentos’ new Enterprise Digital Architecture, resulting in the scoring system that the client is using to select its vendors in the second semester; * Part of the development team for Diageo sales rep mobile app, in Android Studio/Java. * Integrated Votorantim Cimento's Order To Cash business processes (IBM BPM) with their SAP FI solution in IBM Broker.
Apr 2013 - Dec 2015 (2 years 8 months)
IT Specialist - Infosphere Master Data Management MDM
Joined IBM to work for Itaú, the largest Latin American bank and one of the largest banks on the planet, in a country wide data refactory project to lead the development of the MDM solution. Received knowledge from international specialists from IBM Labs Canada and conducted the development efforts until its successful Go Live on February 2014. Thereafter to its conclusion, led the industrialization team for the same project, always hands on, delivering adaptive maintenance to keep up with Itaú's ever changing business processes. Development Environment: WebSphere 8.0 Java EE 6 integrated with z/OS DB2 9 through IBM pureQuery, InfoSphere DataStage through Axis web services (SOAP) and Rational Application Developer for IDE.
Resource IT Solutions
Feb 2011 - Dec 2011 (10 months)
Project Manager
Project Manager for Editora Abril, in a 7 months project with 6 analysts and developers, to deliver a corporate tool to manage the client's ever changing supply chain processes. Project Manager for Santander, in a 3 months project with one architect and two developers, to refactor several SAS scripts (Statistical Analysis System) originally built by final users, to meet best practices and standards of maintainability.
BearingPoint / CSC
Jan 2008 - Jan 2011 (3 years)
Senior Business Consultant
* Project Management of several projects, from 100 to 2000 hours, some of them in agile, for Banco Votorantim. All BPM solutions (Aqualogic/Oracle) that were gradually being applied to different divisions of the company. This assignment kept me in close contact with all areas of the bank. * Assigned to British American Tobacco as a SOA consultant for the MARTINI project, a SOA global implementation to unify all BAT subsidiaries regarding their ERP and CRM solutions. Assigned to Vivo as a SOA analyst in the Vivo 360 5 years project, aimed to unify all company corporate solutions. Assigned to Banco Votorantim as Java developer to work on a small 200 hours project, until finally being assigned, as requested by the client, to lead the BPM team.
Internet Group Ltda.
Sep 2005 - Jan 2008 (2 years 4 months)
Project Coordinator
As Coordinator: Hands-on project coordination of several projects for the internet portals iG, iBest and BRTurbo. The projects were usually small, always agile-like, and mostly in Java (with few exceptions). Aside from this, I was also responsible for the maintenance of the portal's ESB solution, built from ground up and maintained by myself. All projects were high impact in the company's revenue. As it usually happens in the internet marked (at least at that time), I was coordinator, analyst, developer and data analyst of all projects. Worked in close synergy with the infrastructure team and also monitored production and helped to configure the servers. It was a full-stack DevOps position before the terms was even coined. As Software Engineer: Development of the ESB solution for the portals iG, iBest and BrTurbo. These portals were originally from separate companies under the same corporate umbrella, and in 2006 they had to be unified, which means all services from a given portal would have to work smoothly in the other two. Services like e-mail, photolog, FTP, streaming media, and so on. The ESB solution has been built from ground up in Java, communications were in SOAP (Ajax), and some enablements in C (the only thing I didn't do myself). Today iG is a single portal, but ten years ago this ESB did all the magic.
M.I. Montreal Informática
Jun 2005 - Aug 2005 (2 months)
Software Engineer
Development in Java for Petrobras.
Dec 2002 - Jul 2005 (2 years 7 months)
Software Engineer
Development in Delphi and Java for Citibank and Merck do Brasil.


MBA, IT Management
Nov 2007 - Nov 2008


University of California, San Diego
Advanced Data Structures in Java
Feb 2016
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University of California, San Diego
Data structures: Measuring and Optimizing Performance
Feb 2016
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