Andres Abril
Los Angeles, United States

I am a creative, persistent, and experienced software engineer with a passion for coding and problem solving. A strategic thinker, team player, and leader capable of wearing many hats in order to build products that are both functional and beautiful.

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iam Studio S.A.S.
Jan 2010 - Aug 2022 (12 years 7 months)
Executive Director
Detail and solution oriented Software Engineer, with strong leadership skills and entrepreneurship spirit. I created my own software development company from scratch and managed multiple teams from different geographic locations and languages, leading us to create awesome products for multiple clients around the world. I've worked with many programming languages and platforms, and I'm always excited to learn new things and keep up with the latest frameworks.
I'm a strong advocate of agile development, code reviews, and new feature releases on a regular basis. I take coding very seriously and if something my team or I are building is not working as expected, I won’t rest until it’s fixed.
nodeJS APIs Cloud Development mongodb AngularJS ReactJS expressjs sequelizejs mocha npm json tdd scrum agile unit testing jira serverless amazon s3 ubuntu visual studio code mongoose scripting webserver database design bash

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