Riley Manda
Cape Town, South Africa

I am a full-stack software engineer specializing in JavaScript, React, Redux, Rails and Ruby on Rails, and Nodejs. I'm actively seeking full-stack development roles that align with my expertise. I have a proven track record of building responsive full-stack applications using React,Redux-toolkit for state management, Axios, and related technologies to consume data from various APIs.

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Apr 2023 - Dec 2023 (8 months)
Full Stack Engineer
Invested 1500+ hours in skill enhancement, and completed 20+ diverse projects.
ReactJS ruby on rails Rspec heroku reacttestinglibrary
Oct 2022 - Dec 2022 (2 months)
Flutter Developer
Developed and maintained Android components and XML forms rendered by the server for seamless integration to Android Devices for sim card registration and sim card service management.
Built flutter components by translating existing native Java and Kotlin code to flutter components.
Tech stack: Flutter, Dart, Xml Forms, SVN, SOAP, SQL, JSON, and Apache Nifi
android flutter dart sql
Jan 2022 - Apr 2022 (3 months)
Full Stack Developer
Built reusable components for clients using the motor-js framework, a React library of hooks, contexts, and components for building Qlik Sense mashups in React.
Developed the analytics dashboard representing data visually in reusable custom pie charts and bar graphs using charts-js consuming data from Qlik Sense API.
Tech stack: reactjs,ChartJs,nodejs,css,javascript,tailwindcss
ReactJS styled components materialui

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Aug 2023 - Aug 2023
Air-quality is a full stack web-app that displays numeric air-quality data from various weather stations.The applications fetches data from the openaq api and updates its states using redux-toolkit.This application was developed with quality and responsiveness in mind using react test library for TDD and react-boostrap for the ui.
ReactJS Redux react-bootstrap styled-components react-testing-library axios react redux react router redux thunk responsive design
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Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
Bsc(Hons)Software Engineering with Multimedia, Computer Science
Nov 2007 - Apr 2023
Software Engineering, Computer Science, Algorithms, and Data Structures
Multimedia and UX Design(3d animation,UX Design,Graphic Design)
C++.Javascript, HTML5, CSS, Php, Java,SQL.
Full Stack Development, Full Stack Development and Professional Skills
Apr 2023 - Present
Currently enrolled as a student on the Full Stack developer track aimed to equip me with mastery in algorithms, data structures, and full-stack development while simultaneously developing projects with Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, React, and Redux.

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