Rizky Ramadhan
Bandung, Indonesia

I'm from bandung, humble person and good speaking in sundanese, bahasa indonesia, and english. 5 Years experience with various information and technology role, Starting from IT support, Network Engineer, System Engineer, and Senior Devops Engineer Currently. my online cv here: https://rizkyramadhanch.github.io/ skills : - Distributed System - Microservices Architecture - Server Administration (Linux (mastering almost all distro), Unix, Windows Server) - Database administration SQL (mysql, postgresql, percona, oracle) - DB Administration No-SQL (Cassandra, redis, Elasticsearch, mongodb) - Message broker (kafka, rabbitmq) - Virtualization & Containerization (proxmox, VMware, openstack, docker, lxc, podman) - Container Orchestration (kubernetes, nomad, mesos, swarm) - Private and Public Cloud (GCP, AWS, azure, Alibaba, digitalocean, linode) - Networking (TCP/IP, ISO layer, subnetting, routing) - Programming (Bash, Python, Nodejs, Golang, Java, Kotlin) - Web server (nginx, Apache, Caddy, litespeed, lighthttpd, glassfish, IIS, cherrokee, Jetty, haproxy, openresty) - API gateway (Kong, apigee, axway, youngapp, snaplogic, Akana, 3scale, AWS Fargate, expressGateway) - distributed tracing (jaeger, zipkin, opencencus, pinpoint, loki) - Service mesh (istio, consul, linkerd, kuma, maesh, NSM, AAM, openshift, ) - CI/CD automation gitops (Jenkins, gitlab, appcenter, Travis, bamboo, fluxCD, flagger, gitkube, argocd, goCD, ) - secret management (consul, vault, sealedsecret bitnami) - Communication tools (slack, mattermost, telegram, discord, rocketchat) - Monitoring (ELK, TIG, Prometheus, newrelic, datadog, nagios, zabbix, logic monitor, icinga, splunk, openNMS, zenoss, dynatrace, shinken) - Versioning Control(git, svn) - Configuration management (ansible, cheff, saltstack) - Infrastructure as code ( Terraform, Pulumi ) - Load Test Tool ( Apache Benchmark, JMeter) - Capacity planning (Cost Saving, Scalability, Reliability, Security, Availability) - Design Architecture (draw.io, visio,) - Communication skill (English, bahasa indonesia, sundanese) - Teamwork (jira, phabricator, trello) contact me for more info

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Amartha Microfinance Contract
Aug 2021 - Sep 2021 (1 month)
Senior Devops Engineer
devops terraform ansible
Sekolah DevOps Part-time
Dec 2020 - Oct 2021 (10 months)
Devops Instructor
Part Time At Cilsy Sekolah Devops
Working Hours Monday & Wednesday at 19:30 - 22:30
devops kubernetes ansible
Bareksa.com (PT. Bareksa Portal Investasi) Full-time
Sep 2019 - Jul 2021 (1 year 10 months)
Lead Devops Engineer
devops kubernetes terraform

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Bareksa IT Infrastructure
Oct 2019 - Present
Build High availability and secure cloud architecture on Bareksa Portal Investment on some platform like :
May 2021 - Jul 2021
- Design Microservice Architecture
- Alibaba Cloud Administration ( Kubernetes, Redis, RDS, OSS)
- Build CI/CD Pipeline
- Build Monitoring & Logging Service
AJNA forecaster IT Infrasturcture
May 2020 - Dec 2020
This is my personal Project, I build something like sms-gateway, email-server, api-server, frontend-server, CI/CD Pipeline with jenkins.

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Universitas Widyatama
Bachelor of Engineering - BE, Informatika
Jan 2016 - Jan 2019
Universitas Indraprasta PGRI (UNINDRA)
Bachelor's degree, Infromatic Engineering
Jan 2020 - Jan 2023
Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine Specialization
Jan 2020
Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine: Production
Jan 2020
Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine: Workloads
Jan 2020

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