Roberto Franchini
Turin, Italy
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Jul 2019 - Jul 2020 (1 year)
Senior Java Cloud Developer
As part of one of the feature teams in Alfresco/Activiti
- work constantly to reduce complexity and technical debt
- implement new features
As part of the Alfresco/Search team
- deep analysis of AlfrescoSearch (SOLR) features
Arcade Analytics
Oct 2017 - Jun 2019 (1 year 8 months)
- constantly work on the roadmap involving all the stakeholders
- prioritize tasks
- track execution/implementation

- lead the team to keep code quality high
- daily meeting to keep all aligned

- setup of build/delivery infrastructure
- select of the technology stack
- drive improvements and use of new tools

- develop critical parts
- sketch ideas to be developed/maintained by the team
- automate
- eliminate waste

- write articles about technology stack, innovative solutions and new features
- speak at tech conferences

Buzzwords: JHipster, SpringBoot, Jenkins, GKE, Graph databases, cosmosDB, AWS Neptune, OrientDB, Neo4j, Analytics
OrientDB LTD
Sep 2015 - Sep 2017 (2 years)
Senior Software Engineer
Head development of JDBC-Driver, SpringData, ETL module, Docker images, Lucene Full Text and Spatial index engine.

FullText and Spatial
- implemented new search functions that bring full fledge search capabilities to OrientDB: more like this, highlighting, sort
- implemented full configurability of index Analyzers and query parser
- design and implementation of the new database global index to search across classes (aka tables)
- improve testability and test coverage

CI/CD (Jenkins)
- moved to a dockerized infrastructure to allow integration testing isolation, fast feedback, aiming to deliver OrientDB continuously
- improved release quality from time to time moving to a more automated QA system
- automate everything

- release of OrientDB as a Docker official image
- release of OrientDB on RedHat portal as Docker image

- maintenance and implementation of new features
- Apache Spark compatibility
- improve compatibility with database management tools

- maintenance
- implementation of new features

- maintenance
- new features
- improvement of multi-threads support

- GitHub, StackOverflow and mailing-list interaction with community
- remote consulting/support to clients, especially about Lucene's full-text indexes

- talks at tech conferences
- visit tech communities, mainly across Italy
- visit companies for in-house presentations and workshops

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