Dhaka, Bangladesh

Hello, Let me introduce my self in few word. I have 8+ Years plus experience on web & software development with php, laravel, codignator, Java service based app, android app with android x also have little bit knowledge in python & its opensource application odoo. now i have planning to do to extend knowledge in IOS and started learning swift to develop IOS app for serve my all respected clients wonderful solution as my client wants. Currently i am doing my day time job in my country capital Dhaka under divergent technologies limited as a Team lead and my responsibilities are to take care Robi Axiata limited internal process development with in processmaker which is a custom php framework wit awesome user approval flow.

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Divergent Technologies Ltd.
Nov 2017 - Oct 2020 (2 years 11 months)
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Senior Software Engineer
Divergent Technologies ensures the best returns on technological investments and strengthens the service providers’ market presence by providing them with top-class solutions. On top of that, a large team of experienced and well trained engineers are always available to help service providers provide world-class support 24x7 to their clients. As a result, service providers can make their services available to the end customers all the time. The company has first hand access to industry developments and makes sure new products are brought to market at the right time.
We have developed customized and unique web solutions starting from simple corporate websites to eCommerce solutions, extensive web-based applications, CMS, etc across various industries spanning Publishing, Travel, Education, Entertainment, etc. We identify your needs, and accordingly design and develop optimal solutions that address your business, marketing and communication objectives. Just go through some case studies…
It also makes decent investments in Research and Development activities to ensure technological efficiency for the days to come.
Laravel python selenium RPA Process Maker CIMT sql server mvc entity framework
Systech Unimax Ltd.
Sep 2015 - Nov 2017 (2 years 2 months)
Razzak Plaza, 8th Floor
Team Lead
Systech Unimax is a custom software development and IT solutions company headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh powered with highly inspired, creative, talented and dedicated professionals who are willing to put their all strengths in pursuit of excellence. They are specialized in what in developed software like the people do business.
Laravel Angular
Jun 2013 - May 2016 (2 years 11 months)
St. Ht. MI, USA
Development Lead (Remote Job)
Neutrix Systems has some of the most experienced and motivated team on standby ready for any task that comes their way. Founded by a passionate team, in the world of website engineering and graphic designing, the team was always motivated to take ideas and create them. Authenticity to stick out from the rest, and visibility from the other side of the world, the team has always been reaching out for creativity and thinking outside of the box to create exactly what our client desires. The years of experience combined by the years ahead Neutrix Systems is, we are always prepared to get our clients started and ready to overcome any obstacle they encounter. Using state of the art computing equipment and software, capabilities are infinite and building a project for our client is shockingly, priceless.
Laravel AngularJS android

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RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
Oct 2017 - Present
Divergent Technologies Ltd.
python selenium oracle wsdl rest api Soap api
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Daffodil Institute Of IT
Bachelor's Degree, CIS
Dec 2007 - Dec 2011
Comilla Residential College
HSC, Business/Commerce, General
Dec 2005 - Dec 2007
Comilla Residential School
HSC, Business/Commerce, General
Dec 2005 - Dec 2007
Premnol High School
JSC,PSC,SSC, Business/Commerce, General
Dec 2000 - Dec 2005
University of Greenwich
Bachelor's Degree, BCIS
Dec 2007 - Dec 2010
Bhuyian Institute of IT
Engineer's Degree, MCSE
Dec 2009 - Dec 2010
Southern University Bangladesh
Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Science
Dec 2010 - Dec 2011
After Completing 3rd year from DIIT, did my credit transfer in Southern.

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