Roger Filomeno
Manila, Philippines

Roger Filomeno is currently the IT Governance, Risk and Compliance manager at CleverCloud Pty Ltd, a privately-traded telecommunications platform provider. He is a business operations professional for 14 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and is currently responsible for the development and management of PDI-DSS compliant VoIp cloud-based infrastructures and devices. Roger Filomeno is also currently the Senior System Architect for Crosspoint Pty Ltd, a company of the same nature as the prior mentioned with clients worldwide whose services provides the largest managed telephony services for Nokia. His prior experience also includes Chief Technology Officer for online retail company, Mobile Specialist for a Value Added Service provider of telecoms company, and Project Consultant for digital marketing agencies. Specialties: Mobile technology (SMS, MMS, WAP, CIMD, SMPP, SMSC, MMSC, Prepaid, VOIP, XMPP, Asterisk, DRM/OMA), E-Commerce (Billing, Payment, EFT,mobile EFT), Software Engineering, Web 2.0 (OpenSocial-Orkut Dev, FaceBook Dev, Twitter Dev, Jaiku Dev, Google Apps Engine Dev), Drupal Dev), Adobe Flex/Air (AMF), reverse engineering, PenTest, SEO, proprietary and open source systems integration.

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Jan 2014 - Jan 2022 (8 years)
It Specialist / IT-GRC

Our solutions focus on removing sensitive data at the earliest point of creation or communication - resulting in more secure solutions and providing benefits such as eliminating systems, people and processes from the complex and expensive technical, policy and process controls. In principle if you don't capture, store or process sensitive data, it cannot be lost or stolen...and it reduces your compliance requirements. Simple and secure.
cloud devops pci
CrossPoint Pty.Ltd
Jan 2014 - Jan 2022 (8 years)
Senior System Architect

Our core services include:

Unified Communications >>
Including Managed Telephony and Managed Mobility.

Managed IT Infrastructure >>
Including Virtualisation and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Managed Backup and Recovery >>
Including Business Data Backup and Disaster Recovery.

Professional Services >>
Including IT Support, Project Management and Network Configuration.
Dec 2013 - May 2014 (5 months)
Makati, Philippines
Digital / Project Consultant
As an accredited supplier for MRM-Harrison, I assist in planning and implementation of digital campaigns for their clients on project basis. My main specialization include Augmented Reality advertising and Mobile campaigns. I directly report to the project/brand manager or account executive, I am then assigned a assistant account executive whom I engage in day-to-day basis to provide technical support in planning and executing each digital campaign (also works with the design team). I am also responsible in evaluating cost estimates and schedules provided by suppliers as well as recommendation of third-party services such as platform providers and hosting
vr digital marketing

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University of the Philippines
Bachelor's degree, Computer Science
Jan 1997 - Jan 2004

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