Sören Oehding
Hamburg, Germany

I'm Sören. I'm a full-stack web developer (Vue & node). interested in making code that's clean and nice to read and creating systems that are easy to maintain.

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Mondia Group
Mar 2019 - Jul 2020 (1 year 4 months)
Hamburg und Umgebung, Deutschland
Senior Developer
node.js vue.js webpack jenkins Hashistack docker docker compose linux alpine
WERK4.1 Neue Medien GmbH
Oct 2017 - Mar 2019 (1 year 5 months)
Hamburg und Umgebung, Deutschland
Web Developer
symfony php neos Bitbucket Bitbucket pipelines docker webpack
GRES SpanienFliesen GmbH
Oct 2015 - Jan 2017 (1 year 3 months)
Mannheim und Umgebung, Deutschland
Frontend Developer
Frontend Developer für Shopware Webshops B2B & B2C
Frontend Developer für Wordpress
Shopware php Smarty gitlab gitlabci

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Mar 2020 - Present
Mondia Group
Monsooq is a first-of-its kind model where time is the currency and users pay only for the time they spend consuming digital content like music, games and videos.

Monsooq does not require contracts or subscriptions. Instead, you just buy as many minute you want.
Vue GraphQL Hapi mongodb mongoose ExpressJS vuex Apollo webpack
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SAE Hamburg
Audio Engineering Diploma, Audio Engineering
Dec 2005 - Dec 2008
Mediengestalter Bild & Ton, Mediengestalter Bild & Ton
Dec 2008 - Dec 2011
Diploma FH Nordhessen
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Grafik & Design - Schwerpunkt Digitale Applikationen
Dec 2013 - Dec 2017

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