Borys Kotnowski
Warsaw, Poland

Hi, my name is Borys, and I am a Computer Science student. Currently focused on writing my Engineering Thesis. It consists of an Android App with features like fetching and sending data from/to backend APIs, drawing on maps, tracking user location, and much more. I'm looking for my first experience as a Mobile Developer

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GoCloud Polska
Mar 2019 - Jun 2022 (3 years 3 months)
Warsaw, Poland
Software Developer
During my time here I've:
- Built a chatbot using Google Dialogflow and JavaScript with Google Sheets as data source
- Created a document generator with multiple templates based on Google sheets and Apps script
- Built a procedure documents library using Google sheets and data studio
- Managed our clients accounts and groups using GAM/GAMADV
- Developed an assignment tracker with mobile app and web interface using Flutter and Firebase backend
- Been responsible for administration of multiple Google Workspace instances, many with more than 100+ users
flutter Google Workspace google cloud firebase AppsScript android studio firestore
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Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology
Engineer, Computer Science - Software Development
Oct 2019 - Present
Google Cloud
Proffesional Collaboration Engineer
Jan 2022
Google for Education
Google Certified Educator Level 2
Jul 2021

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