Sergey Panteleev
Yaroslavl, Russia

Hi, at the moment I'm not planning to change the work team.

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May 2022 - Apr 2023 (11 months)
PHP 8.2 Release Manager
- Manage the release process.
- Start the decisions discussions and vote about the features and change for a given release.
- Create a roadmap and planing according to this RFC;
- Package the releases (test and final releases).
- Decide which bug fixes can be applied to a release, within the cases defined in this RFC.
Nov 2019 - Apr 2023 (3 years 5 months)
Yaroslavl, Russia
- Development from scratch: from corporate sites to complex CRM systems (Laravel, Bitrix CMS)
- API design and development (Slim Framework, Lumen)
- Development of mobile applications (React Native)
- Writing articles in a corporate blog
php Laravel git mysql javascript React Native ReactJS VueJS
Dec 2013 - Apr 2023 (9 years 4 months)
Yaroslavl, Russia
- Development from scratch: from corporate sites to complex CRM systems.
- API design and development (Slim Framework).
- Development of mobile applications on React Native.
- Writing articles in a corporate blog.
php bitrix git mysql javascript React Native

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Ovi Record
Jan 2022 - Mar 2022
App available at App Store and Google Play.
React Native Laravel php
Bitrix Idea
Jul 2020 - Present
Sergey Panteleev
Plugin for PhpStorm to help the developer navigate the Bitrix CMS core source code.
kotlin gradle null
IT Security: Defense against the digital dark arts
Feb 2022
Operating Systems and You: Becoming a Power User
Feb 2022
Specialization Google IT Support
Feb 2022

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