Sebastián Felipe Torres Garfe
Quintero, Chile

I'm a passionate software engineer who thrives on pushing boundaries and innovating across industries. My journey began with research at CERN, collaborating on the ATLAS Experiment, and later, shaping start-ups (VSaaS, and Upcraft) and established companies like AutoDesk and Globant. As a Software Engineer, I design systems, solve intricate challenges, and orchestrate seamless deployments Join me as we navigate the ever-evolving tech landscape and inspire transformation together.

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Jan 2023 - Aug 2023 (7 months)
Senior Backend Engineer
As a Senior Backend Engineer at Upcraft, I led pivotal software development initiatives. Collaborating with a dynamic team, I played a key role in achieving significant milestones.

✅ System Design and Development: Designed and implemented robust systems, facilitating seamless interactions through REST and RPC APIs. Projects included client quote generation and webhooks integration.
✅ Automation Expertise: Created comprehensive automation streamlining push notifications, emails, and internal processes for improved efficiency.
✅ Payment Service Innovation: Developed advanced payment service, enhancing onboarding, execution, and workflow optimization.
✅ Cross-Functional Collaboration: Navigated multidisciplinary teamwork, fostering synergy between stakeholders for project success.
✅ Soft Skills and System Design: Leveraged effective communication, collaboration, and system design acumen to translate technical concepts into tangible solutions.

My tenure at Upcraft showcased innovation, collaboration, and robust system design as driving forces for the platform's growth and success.
NestJS rest api mongodb docker rabbitmq redis BullMQ postgresql websocket typeorm
1 year
AutoDesk | Software Engineer
Aug 2022 - Jan 2023 (5 months)
During my tenure as a Software Engineer at Autodesk, I shouldered crucial responsibilities, focusing on internal software solutions that addressed complex challenges within the company.

✅ Strategic Problem Solving: Deciphered intricate internal software intricacies, ensuring seamless flow of critical information across departments.
✅ Seamless Collaboration: Enhanced cross-departmental coordination, streamlining workflows for effective communication and informed decision-making.
✅ Project Focus - v3 Delivery: Led successful delivery of Version 3 (v3) projects, contributing to critical software releases through meticulous planning and execution.

My experience highlights my proficiency in tackling internal software challenges, promoting cross-functional harmony, and delivering impactful solutions in a dynamic corporate environment.
nodeJS GraphQL dynamodb NestJS aws typescript serverless jest amazon s3 aws lambda amazon ec2 | NodeJS Developer
Jan 2022 - Aug 2022 (7 months)
As a NodeJS Developer at, I held a pivotal role in crafting's marketplace v2. My primary responsibility revolved around establishing the platform's core functionality from the ground up.

✅ Design and Implementation: Led the design and backend implementation of vital software components, translating strategic vision into tangible development results.
✅ Ethereum and Polygon Integration: Seamlessly integrated Ethereum and Polygon blockchains, synchronizing events from smart contracts for a seamless NFT marketplace experience.
✅ Technical Expertise: Expertly utilized JavaScript, TypeScript, NestJS, MySQL, and AuroraDB to architect robust backend structures for efficient data management.
✅ Blockchain Utilization: Leveraged AWS-based blockchain integration tools like Web3 and ethers.js to seamlessly interact with smart contracts on Ethereum and Polygon blockchains.

My experience showcases my ability to drive intricate software projects, harness blockchain technology, and design solutions that overcome technical complexities.
NestJS Blockchain aws AuroraDB Web3 websocket typescript jest Smart Contracts nodeJS
Nov 2017 - Apr 2018 (5 months)
Viña del Mar, Chile
Advisory Software Engineer
As an Advisory Software Engineer at InstaDelivery, I collaborated closely to tackle software challenges, elevating operational efficiency and platform stability.

✅ Operational Efficiency: Automated key tasks, optimizing client interactions and internal processes, exemplified by monthly summary distribution.
✅ Bug Resolution: Proactively addressed platform bugs, ensuring seamless user experiences and enhancing reliability.
✅ iOS Application Deployment: Facilitated smooth user access by leading iOS application deployment through the Apple Store.
✅ Strategic Advisement: Guided technology adoption, offering insights on languages and cloud solutions, ensuring alignment with goals and technological advancements.

My contributions fostered operational excellence, elevated user experiences, and strategically advanced InstaDelivery's technology stack.
rest api design patterns ios

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Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María
Ingeniero Civil en Informática, Informática
Mar 2011 - Nov 2017
Activities and societies: Software Engineering, Software Development, Teamwork, REST API, WebRTC, NodeJS,, AngularJS, Database Design, Machine Learning, Computer Science.
Colegio Don Orione
Mid-Level Technician in Electronics, Electronics
Mar 2007 - Dec 2010
Leadership: Practical Leadership Skills
Apr 2022
NestJS Zero to Hero - Modern Typescript Back-End Development
Mar 2022
Understanding Globant Processes
Feb 2022

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