Andres Mariscal
Helsinki, Finland

Machine Learning Software Engineer working at Cloudflare with a demonstrated history of applying machine learning in the tourism, game(IT) cybersecurity and, publishing industry in an international setting(United Kingdom , Finland & Portugal ). Skilled in Mathematical Modeling, Python, Machine Learning [with deep learning], Statistical Modeling, and Data Science. Strong interest in convex/non-convex problems and, application of state of the art neural networks to different mediums, with emphasis on problems of scale (Big-Data, High throughput data).

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Cloudflare, Inc. Full-time
Jan 2020 - Oct 2021 (1 year 9 months)
Data Scientist - Software Engineer
Aller Media Oy, Finland Full-time
May 2018 - Jan 2020 (1 year 8 months)
Helsinki Area, Finland
Senior Data Scientist -- Acquired by City Digital Group:
End-to-End Machine learning pipeline for Automated image processing + entity extraction based on
Resnet50 Neural network architecture
End-to-End Machine learning pipeline for semantic similarity based automated spam banning system based on auto-encoders and, Locality Sensitive Hashing for efficient retrieval at scale
[Python, Numpy, Tensorflow, AWS Lambda]
Aller miscellaneous/other:
- Dating related, recommendation system
- MariaDB -> AWS parquet based pipeline to leverage Athena Columnar database for analytics
- MSSQL to snowflake transpiler in order to fully migrate MSSQL based internal services into snowflake
- Python pandas based wrapper to guarantee a lower expense in snowflake, by caching existing results.
- Docker based airflow deployments and automatic pipeline-creation from custom files in s3
- Thorough training of 4 different staff members in topics ranging from python to machine learning, snowflake and, airflow
AWS snowflake pytorch Machine learning MSSQL Numpy Python tensorflow docker
Kamu Full-time
Nov 2016 - May 2018 (1 year 6 months)
Helsinki Area, Finland
Software Engineer - Machine Learning
-- Acquired by Epic Games
Co-lead the preparations and implementations for the Kamu Junction challenge 2017 on Europe's Largest Hackathon: []

As part of the core business, work to aid in the detection of cheaters & binary data corruption machine learning models Included:

Recurrent Neural Network LSTM based multiclass classification for repeated user fingerprinting.
Gradient boosted trees based Aimbot Detection,
Recurrent Convolutional Autoencoder based Similarity-based information retrieval engine for binary-data similarity.

In order to deal with anomalous events in our live user data:
Kafka streaming data anomaly detection engine algorithms included:
- Convex Hull based anomaly detection
- Bayesian Changepoint shift detection
- Kolmogorov smirnof test among others
To deal with large scale data -> approximate & streaming algorithm based online learning:
- Streaming statistics generation at O(1) space complexity
- Streaming clustering algorithms
Machine learning python3 kafka

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Nature of Code book processing --> OpenFrameworks port
Jan 2016 - Present
Git project repository.
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University of Liverpool
Masters of Research, Translational Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Jan 2013 - Jan 2014
My research focus was Mathematical and computational systems biology for the Medical Research Council (MRC) Drug Safety department.
Apr 2019

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