Ahmed Hamdy
Alexandria, Egypt
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Jan 2020 - Jun 2020 (5 months)
Alexandria, Egypt
Teaching Assitant
I worked as a lead Lab TA for computer networks. voluntarily:
- Redesigned all the subject's projects
- Co-Designed and implemented automatic grading for projects, to speed up feedback cycle and to avoid non-standardized/non-fair grading
- Keeping the balance between making sure the course is both informative for even the top students and not overwhelming for others

Projects and their objectives:
1) TFTP client/server
- Break the ice and let students read RFCs, without fearing to read a technical document.
- Let the students implement a well-defined protocol and test students' code against "off the shelf" software to boost their confidence when they know their code works with others' code
- Teach the students how to manipulate application-layer packets
- Put strict anti-cheating policies into action

2) HTTP Proxy
- Co-designed this project to make students get better at somewhat convoluted networking topics
- Get the students to know how parts of the internet they use everyday works
- Use TCP sockets as both client and server in the same project
- Get the students introduced to command-line only programs (telnet/curl)

3) HTTP Packet Sniffer
- Let students a bit more familiar with security and the importance of encryption
- Introduce students to raw sockets while keeping their use lightweight
- Explore how programs that seem magical like Wireshark work and letting make something similar
- Introduce students to encodings by requiring the dissector to display only UTF-8 payloads

4-A) Simple delay sync service
- Introduce students to peer to peer networking and distributed systems
- Let them know about automatic node discovery using UDP broadcasting
- Let students deal with hard to debug code (distributed&networked)

4-B) Mini UDP/IP network stack
- Introduce students to TUN/TAP devices
- Introduce students to RAW IP packets, letting them craft their own
- Let students know many details in a network stack

Previous projects were HTTP server and reliable UDP transfer
Dec 2019 - Jun 2020 (6 months)
Alexandria, Egypt
Software Engineer
I work on an Elixir /Phoenix MVC application that embraces micro-services architecture and is hosted on AWS. It's Rubikal's product that's yet to be announced.
elixir phoenix postgresql postgre elasticsearch docker aws aws lambda jira
Alexandria University
Jan 2019 - Jun 2019 (5 months)
Alexandria Governorate, Egypt
Teaching Assistant
I worked as a teaching assistant for Data Structures and Computer Networks.
- Lead TA for Computer Networks.
- Motivated students and sparked their interest in the subjects by adding real world projects (IoT and multiplayer game) that involved heavy networking concepts like peer discovery.
- Helped 1st year students and motivated them to keep pushing and contacted students who couldn't deliver their projects and asked them if they can still do it and helped them when possible.
- Automated correction and some cheating detection tasks voluntarily to make life easier for the team
python java

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Alexandria University
Bachelor of Science, Computer and Communications Engineering
Sep 2013 - Jul 2018

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