Damian Laczak
Wroclaw, Poland
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Jun 2018 - Jun 2020 (2 years)
Berlin, Germany
Software Developer C#
• Created ESB messaging system over AWS SQS/SNS that could handle over 250k messages to inform users about their emailstatuses.
• Invented Local multi-level cache that decreased loading times by 80% for locally debugged applications
• SignalR implementation spanning across many servers using Redis as backplane
• Configured AWS API Gateway for Lambdas integration
• Developed first tech-demo of AWS SAM framework for internal team usage to later adopt it for our tech stack
•Resolved dependency hell problem which was blocking our team from using .net standard nuget packages across teams using .netframework. Used multi-targeted projects to create nuget packages that will have different dependencies for different frameworks.•Increased amount of emails that our system can send by 40% enabling us to send over 300k emails.
•Reduced size of duplicated code inside web.configs by introducing XML transformations for them.
•Conducted stresstest forour email sending platformto understandcurrent performanceof the systemand establisha plan to improveit.
•Received internal reward Gallup-All-Star for outstanding performance.•Mentored team in TDD, Clean Code and improving performance
c# AWS .NET Core typescript

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