Johannes F
Munich, Germany

I'm a software developer and vim-enthusiast. In my free time I'm doing a lot of modding for the video game Minecraft (Java). I also experiment with languages such as Python and Rust.

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Deutsche Bundesbank
3 years 4 months
Munich, Germany
Software Developer
Oct 2022 - Feb 2023 (4 months)
Software developer in a microservices and microfrontends project.
java typescript gradle microservices jpa spring ReactJS rxjs Angular microfrontends junit maven spring security spring boot openapi mongodb GraphQL piral
Dualer Student
Oct 2019 - Oct 2022 (3 years)
A "Duales Studium" is a combination of studying at a university (Duale Hochschule) and working at a company. Half of the time is spent for the university and the other half for work and vacations.
java junit maven jpa Angular javascript mongodb java ee microservices openapi microfrontends typescript
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DHBW - Mosbach
Bachelor of Science, Applied Informatics
Oct 2019 - Oct 2022

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