Krzysztof Słonka
Krakow, Poland

Currently I'm working on a Service Mesh solution based on Envoy, a custom control plane (built on top of java-control-plane) and Consul. If your company is operating at a large scale and you're looking into Service Mesh - feel free to contact me. I'm not looking for a front-end/react/vue job.

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Jun 2018 - Nov 2020 (2 years 5 months)
Kraków, woj. małopolskie
Software Engineer
Currently I'm working on extending and expanding Service Mesh in Allegro’s architecture. Below are some highlights of my work (both Service Mesh related and others):
- Leading the mTLS and RBAC development that allows to secure traffic inside the mesh.
- Implemented multi-cloud feature in Allegro's open-source Control Plane: Envoy Control.
- Created a suite of resilience tests that verify stability of Envoy Control.
- Automated infrastructure operations with Terraform.
- Reworked the internals of Allegro’s node.js library (node-worker-nodes) to take advantage of
worker-threads which resulted in synthetic tests running 3 times faster.
service mesh envoy kotlin
Oct 2017 - May 2018 (7 months)
Kraków, woj. małopolskie
Software Engineer
- Designed and implemented a reconfiguration optimization algorithm for the Bluetooth Mesh Configuration Language that speeds up reconfiguration roughly thirty times in the most common use cases.
- Introduced a centralised logging and alerting system that decreased Mean Time to Identify (MTTI) from unknown to a couple of seconds.
nodeJS expressjs mongodb
Coders Lab
Dec 2015 - Apr 2019 (3 years 4 months)
Kraków, woj. małopolskie
- Teaching JavaScript for front-end developers.
- React.js basics.
- Scrum Lab - introduction to scrum and agile.
javascript reactjs

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Envoy Control
Sep 2019 - Present
Envoy Control is a production-ready Control Plane for Service Mesh based on Envoy Proxy Data Plane that is platform agnostic.
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AGH University of Science and Technology
Inżynier (Inż.), Informatyka
Dec 2010 - Dec 2014
Zespół Szkół Elektronicznych Elektrycznych i Mechanicznych w Bielsku-Białej
Technik, Technik Informatyk
Dec 2006 - Dec 2010

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