Martin Spickermann
Senior Software Developer at Shopify
Nuernberg, Germany


I am a Senior Software Engineer with more than fourteen years of profound knowledge in building web applications based on Ruby on Rails at scale. I have practical experience as tech and team lead in start-ups and use an active hands-on and collaborative leadership style. I identify myself as – an Architect. I worked with applications and databases that handled tens of millions of requests per day. I care about security and understand the high-security requirements of applications that deal with financial and personal data. I know it is important to always focus on well-structured systems that are easy to maintain and have up-to-date dependencies. – a Teacher and Mentor. It is important to me to help others improving in their craft and to shine. I coach and train junior developers in individual one-on-one sessions. I am an active member of the Ruby community, a maintainer and supporter of open source projects. As a Stack Overflow enthusiast, I answered more than two thousand Ruby and Rails related questions. – a Scientist. I collect metrics and analyze data to understand and improve legacy codebases. I like to investigate hard to find bugs, refactors unmaintainable code, and optimize algorithms that do not scale well. I learned that a short-cut used today might need weeks to be fixed in the future and that good monitoring is important to build reliable fault-tolerant systems. – a Team-Player. Teams build better software than a single developer. I believe in agile methodologies, I see planing and whiteboard sessions as a chance to come up with better ideas, to share knowledge. Honest retrospectives in a psychological safety environment build trust and are a team bonding opportunity.

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Feb 2021 - Present (4 months)
Remote Current workspace
Currently Martin Spickermann supports the Shopify

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Senior Software Developer
ruby ruby on rails
Zaikio GmbH (formerly Crispy Mountain GmbH)
Nov 2019 - Jan 2021 (1 year 2 months)
Lead Software Engineer
Single-handedly build an event message bus with extended authorization and validation features. Configured and managed multiple core and foundation applications on Heroku

Supported external partners to build applications and to integrate with the ZAIKIO platform. Helped to hire junior and senior developers and grow the team from 2 to 6 developers within 8 months
ruby ruby on rails heroku api json oauth
sonnen GmbH
Jun 2018 - Oct 2019 (1 year 4 months)
Tech Lead Backend (Technical Product Owner)
Tech Lead in a team of backend and frontend developers, designers, POs and Scrum masters which grow from about 20 to more than 100 people in less than a year and which successfully released sonnen's biggest software project so far on time

Architect for the operation, maintenance and further development of various Ruby based backend applications that collect, store and analyze more than five million IoT data points per hour from thousands of batteries connected to a virtual power plant. Responsible for the operation of an MQTT cluster with 45k simultaneous connections and constant traffic of >25MB/s

Technical Product Owner for APIs which are used by iOS, Android and React applications to read live measurements, statistics, and historical data of photovoltaic systems with batteries and which allow interacting with SAP and Salesforce

Interviewing candidates, onboarding new teammates and organizing in-person meetups for distributed team members
ruby postgresql ruby on rails iot salesforce


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Zaikio GmbH
Nov 2019 - Present
Senior Software Engineer with more than twelve years of profound knowledge in building web applications based on Ruby on Rails at scale. Practical experience as team lead. Startup experienced, active Hands-On leadership.

Software Architecture and Object-Oriented Design: Building well-structured systems, breaking complex applications into smaller, but easier to manage services. Following best practices, paying attention to testability and maintainability

Project and People Management: Experienced with agile methodologies like Scrum, Kanban, and XP. Advocate for rituals and ceremonies that improve the spirit and morale of on-site and remote teams like retrospectives, one-on-one meetings, and peer reviews

Complex Problem-Solving Skills: Operating and scaling of application with millions of users, refactoring legacy codebases, upgrading Rails versions, huge data migrations without downtime. Building fault-tolerant systems

Teaching and Mentoring: Active member of the Ruby community, coaching, and training of junior developers, maintainer and committer to open source projects, conference attendee, Stackoverflow enthusiast (within the top 0.25% by reputation this year so far)
heroku ruby on rails sql ruby sidekiq redis


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Freie Universität Berlin
Diplom-Informatiker (≈ Master of Science in Computer Science), Computer Science
Dec 2000 - Dec 2007
Majored in computer science, minored in business administration

Focused on web-based information systems, XML technologies and project management

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