Serge Rogatch
Software Development Consultant at Confidential
Minsk, Belarus

C++/C/CUDA/Algorithms/Python programmer and manager. MSc in AI from Amsterdam University, The Netherlands. 2x bronze medals (3rd category diplomas) from International Olympiads in Informatics.

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Apr 2020 - Present (4 years 3 months)
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Currently Serge Rogatch supports the Confidential

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Software Development Consultant
My current activity is connected with the GPU/CUDA distributed processing of graphs on Ubuntu Linux. The job involves extensive use of C++, MPI, CMake, Git command line, Algorithms&Data Structures (especially Graph algorithms), and obviously GPU/CUDA. As part of the job, I read research papers on the relevant technologies.

Recently I implemented a raytracing application on the GPU: OptiX, OWL (OptiX Wrapper Library), RTX. I learned raytracing very quickly because I am familiar with GPU computations in general (CUDA).

I spent some time implementing vectorization (SSE2/AVX2/FMA) for ALGLIB:

One year was spent on developing a high-performance massively multithreaded networking application for web scraping. The application consists of multiple servers and even more microservices that communicate with each other via HTTP/REST and Windows named pipes. The applications are written in C++ (the main part) and Python (e.g. Django web interface, integration with Selenium and Tensorflow, etc.). Among the other technologies used there are libcurl for sending requests and receiving responses, oatpp web service framework for C++, nlohmann JSON library, dbghelp.dll for call stack, and minidump collection, MariaDB connectors for C++ and Python, etc.
SoftwareComprehension LTD
Jul 2019 - Oct 2020 (1 year 3 months)
Co-Founder and CTO
1-hour demo:
InsurTech Global
Feb 2019 - Feb 2020 (1 year)
Vice President Of Software Engineering
We are using high-performance computing (CUDA, SIMD/AVX2, multithreading, NUMA/multiprocessing, algorithms & data structures) for large-scale calculations in the Insurance industry.

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ProbQA video game search engine
Apr 2017 - Sep 2019
In contrast to the previous game search and recommendation engines, ProbQA can suggest the next game to play for a user even if the user doesn’t have any clear understanding or keywords to search for, cannot define his/her preferences, cannot name similar games, etc. Please, look at the whole list of video game suggestions, rather than just a few games on the top of the list, even if they have high probabilities. Many games have high prior probabilities, so when you don't answer many questions, they appear in the top because the engine lacks information. The question selected in each step is the best distinguishing question among the current highly-ranked games. So the system tries to split the games on record into more or less equal groups, each group corresponding to an answer to the current question.
c++ cuda algorithm ai machine-learning
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Amsterdam University
Master, Artificial Intelligence
Sep 2008 - Aug 2010
Studied Machine Learning for Language, Knowledge and Speech

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