swapnil shindemeshram
Senior Software Engineer at CleverTap
Nagpur, India
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Jun 2021 - Present (3 years)
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Currently swapnil shindemeshram supports the CleverTap

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Senior Software Engineer
YouBotics Software private limited
Aug 2018 - May 2021 (2 years 9 months)
Nagpur Urban, India
Machine learning engineer
YouBotics, an AI startup based out of India has innovated world's firstTechnology Expert Bot for Enterprises that conducts Technical Video Interviews with Automatic Evaluation. The bot is developed using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing and it literally eliminates the need to keep the technical panel for all technical assessments, whether coding tests or technical interviews. The bot can AUTOMATICALLY generate Q & A's with AI and can also conduct coding tests and MCQ tests . The bot has already acquired technical expertise on 40+ technology skills like Java, ML, BlockChain,, JS, Tableau and is continuously learning many more. Now with YouBotics bot there is no need to maintain question banks for the technical assessments. With YouBotics bot, Enterprises can now save 70% costs and 100% of efforts on technical interviews and assessments with its simple 2 step evaluation process. The bot comes as Service hosted on cloud with customised subscriptions.
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Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering
Bachelor, Computer Programming
Jul 2014 - Jul 2018

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