Sven Fehler
IT specialist trainee (application development) at PBS Network GmbH
Stuttgart, Germany


I'm an 18 year old developer from Stuttgart, Germany and I am interested in open source software and the ins and outs of how computers work and the art of "talking" to them. I am looking for expanding my knowledge as much as possible and want to create things that make lives all around the world easier or more fun :)

English (English)
(Full professional proficiency)
German (Deutsch)
(Native or bilingual proficiency)
Russian (русский язык)
(Elementary proficiency)

Tech Stack

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CSS(3 years)
html(3 years)
JavaScript(3 years)
visual studio code
visual studio code(2 years)
http(2 years)
C++(2 years)
networking(2 years)
apache2(2 years)
NodeJS(2 years)
qt(2 years)
nginx(1 years)
C#(1 years)

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Work Experiences

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PBS Network GmbH
Sep 2018 - Present (2 years 9 months)
Stuttgart-Nord, Germany Current workspace
Currently Sven Fehler supports the PBS Network GmbH

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IT specialist trainee (application development)
I work as a trainee application developer at PBS Network. I mainly create desktop apps with C++ or C#.
c++ qt c#


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Mar 2019 - Jan 2020
This is an API that serves jokes in a very uniform format. It can serve them in JSON, XML, YAML or plain text and it offers a great variety of filtering methods so users always get the exact jokes they need. I made this API because others were too sophisticated or had too many broken / malformed jokes and they didn't offer the amount of filtering I needed. This is my most important project yet as I learned a LOT of stuff while making it and because the API is now used over two million times each month.
node.js html network programming encoding api json xml yaml authorization mysql http


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Advanced technical college qualification, Software Development
Sep 2019 - Apr 2022


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