Vitaly Shulgin
Chief Software Architect at Aurea Software
Sochi, Russia

Experienced DevOps and Software Architect with 15+ years of industry know-how in the use of different tech stacks and tools, provisioning new and migrating legacy products into cloud infrastructure. Latest years I'm working as Import Chief Architect for Trilogy (ESW Capital group) on newly acquired products to get them into internal development and deployment infrastructure.

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Aurea Software
7 years 5 months
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Currently Vitaly Shulgin supports the Aurea Software

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Chief Software Architect
Mar 2018 - Present (5 years 1 month)
I'm working as Import Chief Architect for Trilogy (ESW Capital group) on newly acquired products to get them into internal development and deployment infrastructure, and my main responsibilities are as follow:

- Analyze legacy code repositories and split them into component repositories;
- Replacing legacy implementations with cloud native solutions;
- Refine, improve or implement component based architecture, splitting monolithic application and systems;
- Analyze and optimize build process of different components;
- Define, setup and implement continuous integration process, delivering distributives and installation packages;
- Collaborate with Unit Test team and support them to get different components into test harnesses;
- Analyzing existing prod/stage/qa/dev environments;
- Define or refine, setup and implement necessary environments for QA team;
- Collaborate with QA team and Engineering team to cover system with rich set of end-to-end automated tests;
- Define or refine, setup and implement automated deployment solution;
- Work in tight collaboration with SaaS-Ops team to implement durable and repeatable automated deployment procedures;
AWS docker kubernetes c# .net .net core javascript groovy bash powerhsell python terraform ansible
Software Architect
Nov 2015 - Mar 2018 (2 years 4 months)
As a software architect I'm responsible for the whole process of a key technology platform. I'm facilitating the platform as it supplies source, build, and test services, consistently ensuring quality and productivity by implementing automation wherever possible.
Teamcity jenkins ci/cd bash powershell linux windows ansible terraform ci/cd kubernetes unit testing visual studio code tdd scripting visual studio
NT.Payments UAE
Aug 2015 - Sep 2015 (1 month)
Abu-Dhabi, UAE
Software engineer
Real-time watch-dog service for detectors state monitoring and software behavior adaptation depending on detectors' state.

C# / hardware integration (rs-232) / windows service / inter-process communication / multi-threading
C# .net entity framework multithreading powershell concurrency windows mssql entity framework asp.net mvc
Aug 2014 - Aug 2015 (1 year)
Kazan, Russia
Software architect / Lead developer
Multi-tier application for outdoor mobile teams of the customer (geodesics surveys).
Distributed system to collect geodetic data and real-time processing which available to users in 24x7 mode.

Hardware integration / USB / RS-232 / .Net C# / Win32 API
MS SQL Server / MSMQ / Web API / Entity framework / AngularJS
.net AngularJS C# MSSQL entity framework visual studio asp.net asp.net mvc javascript

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Odessa National Maritime University
Master of Computer Applications (M.C.A.), Automated control systems
Dec 1988 - Dec 1993
Microsoft Certified Solution Developer
Shaping up with Angular.js

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