Ifechukwudeni Oweh
Port Harcourt, Nigeria

I'm an Enthusiastic Machine Learning Developer, skilled proficiently in Python, PHP, C React.JS, and React Native. Experienced in migrating codebases with different frameworks, creating machine learning models with a variety of machine learning algorithms, creating APIs/ Microservices with Python Flask Framework, and Integrating API keys. Skills in algorithm design and algorithmic problem-solving.

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Mar 2022 - Mar 2022
Omark is a Python library that implements a linear search algorithm with a facial recognition module, on a database of pictures. It captures a picture of a group of people and determines who is absent from the picture, who is present in the picture and how many people are in the picture. An implementation of this in a real-world scenario is in taking class attendances, it captures a picture of a classroom and then performs a linear search algorithm on a database to determine which student is in class and which student isn't.
Implementation of Pointers in Python
Mar 2022 - Mar 2022
It is widely known that there aren't Pointers in Python and there is only one way of assigning variables in python, but this project creates a new method of assigning variables in python and can be implemented in large-scale projects and make it more efficient. Source Code and Preview is the GitHub repository.
Sentiment Analysis Api
Apr 2022 - Apr 2022
The Sentiment Analysis API was created using the python flask module, parsing a text or sentence can parse the (text) argument, and a JSON encoded response is given with the detailed sentiment analysis of that sentence including information such as the Text Parsed, the Sentiment Level of the text, the sentiment polarity of the text and the sentiment subjectivity of the text. It can be implemented and embedded into a web application.
python html php boostrap

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